Ka24e Lifter
Ka24e Lifter

Ka24e Lifter : Understanding the Function, Issues, and Solutions

Lifequestalliance.com – Ka24e Lifter. The KA24E engine, developed by Nissan, has been a popular choice among enthusiasts for its reliability and performance. However, like any engine, the KA24E is not without its issues. One common problem that KA24E owners may encounter is lifter noise. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the KA24E lifter, its function within the engine, the potential issues it may face, and the solutions to address these problems effectively.

Understanding the KA24E Lifter

The lifter, also known as the hydraulic valve lifter or hydraulic lash adjuster, is a crucial component in the KA24E engine’s valvetrain. It is responsible for maintaining the proper clearance, or lash, between the camshaft lobes and the valves. The lifter operates hydraulically, using engine oil pressure to adjust the valve lash automatically.

How the KA24E Lifter Works

  1. Hydraulic Operation: The lifter contains a small piston and spring that respond to changes in oil pressure. When the engine is running, oil is pumped into the lifter, causing the piston to extend and take up any slack in the valvetrain.
  2. Camshaft Rotation: As the camshaft rotates, the lobes push against the lifters, which, in turn, push open the valves. The lifter’s hydraulic design ensures that the valve lash is always correctly adjusted, minimizing noise and optimizing engine performance.

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Common Issues with the KA24E Lifter

  1. Lifter Noise: One of the most common issues with the KA24E lifter is lifter noise. This noise may be more noticeable during cold starts or at higher engine RPMs.
  2. Lifter Tick: A lifter tick is a repetitive tapping sound that may occur when the lifter is not functioning correctly or is starved of oil.
  3. Lifter Failure: Over time, lifter components may wear out or become damaged, leading to lifter failure. A failed lifter can cause significant engine performance issues and potential damage to other valvetrain components.

Causes of KA24E Lifter Issues

  1. Low Oil Pressure: Insufficient engine oil pressure can prevent the lifter from operating correctly, leading to noise and performance problems.
  2. Engine Sludge: Engine sludge buildup can clog the lifter’s oil passages, affecting its hydraulic operation.
  3. Worn Lifters: Like any moving component, lifter wear can occur over time, leading to improper functioning.

Diagnosing KA24E Lifter Problems

Diagnosing lifter issues in the KA24E engine involves the following steps:

  1. Lifter Noise Identification: Listen for lifter noise or ticking sounds when the engine is running.
  2. Oil Pressure Check: Verify that the engine has adequate oil pressure, as low pressure can affect lifter operation.
  3. Engine Oil Condition: Check the engine oil for signs of sludge or contamination.
  4. Lifter Inspection: If necessary, remove the valve cover and inspect the lifters for wear or damage.

Frequently Asked Questions about KA24E Lifter

  1. Can lifter noise be harmful to the engine?
    • Lifter noise, although annoying, is not always harmful. However, it should not be ignored, as it can lead to more severe issues if left unaddressed.
  2. Can lifter noise go away on its own?
    • In some cases, lifter noise may temporarily subside as the engine warms up. However, it is best to address the issue to prevent further complications.
  3. Can engine oil additives fix lifter noise?
    • Some engine oil additives claim to reduce lifter noise, but they are not always a permanent solution. It is essential to identify and address the root cause of the lifter issue.
  4. Can lifter issues cause power loss?
    • Yes, lifter issues can affect engine performance and result in power loss and reduced fuel efficiency.
  5. Can lifter problems lead to engine damage?
    • Yes, if lifter issues are not resolved, they can lead to more severe valvetrain problems and potential engine damage.
  6. Is lifter replacement a complex procedure?
    • Lifter replacement can be a complex task, as it often involves removing the valve cover and other valvetrain components.

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Ka24e Lifter
Ka24e Lifter


The KA24E lifter is a critical component in the engine’s valvetrain, responsible for maintaining proper valve clearance. Lifter noise and issues are common in this engine, but they can be addressed with proper diagnosis and appropriate solutions. Regular engine maintenance, including regular oil changes and using the recommended oil type, can help prevent lifter problems. If lifter noise or issues persist, it is crucial to consult a qualified mechanic to identify and resolve the root cause. Proper care and attention to lifter maintenance will ensure that your KA24E engine continues to perform reliably and smoothly for years to come.