Bighorn 700 Side By Side 2024
Bighorn 700 Side By Side 2024

2024 Ram 700 Big Horn Price Release Date Price And Redesign

2024 Ram 700 Big Horn. Late next year, the brand-new 2024 Ram 700 will be offered in South American showrooms. Since this is the second generation, more significant changes should be anticipated. It’ll probably adopt the new four-door body design as well. As a result, the new Ram 700 will be offered as a family hauler and work pickup truck. There will be three trim levels offered: SLT, Big Horn, and Laramie.

The first two models share the same engine options, while the top of the line features more powerful output. Two cabin models are available, and all trim levels will likely get more standard features. The 2024 model will also feature ergonomic improvements and various style updates.

2024 Ram 700 Big Horn Design

The upcoming 2024 Ram 700 is built on the same platform that underpins the Fiat Strada. Fiat and Chrysler have continued to produce cars together, and so far the results have been impressive. Americans aren’t fans of Fiat, and we doubt the Hellcat engine will ever be popular in Italy. On the other hand, Latin America seems to be the perfect place for the Ram 700. According to many sources, the Ram 700 is only the beginning. Since this pickup truck is about to enter a new generation, the update will be huge.

The Ram 700 will be given a new architecture, but the dimensions of the compact will remain the same. Also, the close model will get a sleeker look with some recognizable exterior features. The most significant modification will be made on the front end, with a Rebel-like grille dominating the entire front end. Ram will also offer new wheels and a new exterior color.

2024 Ram 700 Big Horn Interior

The interior of the 2024 Ram 700 will also get some updates. The most significant improvement is the 7-inch Uconnect infotainment touchscreen. The new look is standard on every trim level. Also, the steering wheel and seats will have better grip, which is a small but significant improvement in our opinion. As a result, comfort is better than ever.

The infotainment system is new, and the cabin will be outfitted with more luxurious materials. The Ram 700 isn’t a luxury truck, but some of its features are impressive and probably the best you can get in South America. A new wireless projector system is optional, and the RAM will provide more storage for your personal items.

2024 Ram 700 Big Horn Engine

The new 2024 Ram 700 Big Horn is powered by a naturally aspirated 1.4-liter four-cylinder engine. Producing 85 horsepower and 87 pound-feet of torque might sound strange to US consumers. We’ll likely see some identical arrangements around the world. If the Ram 700 were to launch in the US, it would require significantly more power.

Even a 1.3-liter turbocharged engine isn’t enough for the world’s largest truck market. It develops 98 horsepower and 95 lb-ft of twist. Both engines come standard with a manual transmission, but all-wheel drive is optional on the more expensive variants. Finally, Ram will offer a five-speed manual and six-speed automatic transmission.

2024 Ram 700 Big Horn Release Date And Price

Pricing for the new 2024 Ram 700 Big Horn will start at around $12,000 or slightly higher. The highest trim level will cost just over $15,000. The Ram 700 is a popular pickup truck in South America. Its arrival in the United States is highly unlikely. However, you can find a lot of rumors regarding its arrival in North America. In any case, the Ram 700 will go on sale this summer in Brazil.

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Ram 700 Big Horn Classic 2024
Ram 700 Big Horn Classic 2024

2024 Ram 700 Big Horn Update

FCA wastes no time. The company discontinued the Fiat Fullback, or Strada, last year. This season, the new model has taken its place in the markets of South America and Mexico. It’s a 2023 Ram 700. Well, that truck isn’t coming to the States, that’s for sure. First, the compact pickup truck, which is a type of vehicle not available in North America. This is also a unibody truck. All major truck makers have had success from ladder-chassis engineering, and the only truck with a unibody platform is the Honda Ridgeline which has been the slowest seller. Therefore, the Ram 700 will likely not appear in the US.

On the other hand, there are some interesting models that need to be shaded by trucks. It won’t be easy, even if Fiat builds up a broad fan base. The 2023 Ram 700 will have an upgraded offering, but it will be hard to make a head start against the Nissan Navara, Ford Ranger, and especially the Toyota Hilux. In addition, Chevrolet recently added the S10 to its portfolio in South America. FCA and GM seem to be turning a new leaf in their competition.

Ram 700 2023 Specifications

The 2023 Ram 700 is available with a pair of petrol engines. FCA hasn’t announced anything yet, but diesel is rumored to be specific to the 14 markets that will offer this truck. Also, hybrids are more of a long shot. Until those details are finalized by the company, the Ram 700 will rely on power coming from a 1.4-liter unit capable of producing 84 horsepower and 87 pound-feet of torque. For the higher version, there are other options. The turbocharged 1.3-liter unit raises the bar to 98 hp and 95 lb-ft. Both configurations send power to the front axle via a manual gearbox. An automatic transmission is optional, and fans are sure the Ram 700 4×4 will be out soon, too.

So far, we know the 2023 Ram 700 is available in two cabin configurations and three identical trim levels. The base model uses a single cab and SLT package. If you want the Big Horn or Laramie model, you’ll need to upgrade to a double cabin. Bed linen is standard. There’s a 7-inch touchscreen, and the infotainment system supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto services. In the near future, the company will introduce a new multimedia system, Uconnect 5.0.


Pickups are not very popular in the United States. But recent spy photos and leaked rumors about the Ford Maverick could have FCA considering bringing the 2023 Ram 700 to North America. Outside the United States, the truck will also face competition from the Chevrolet S-10. General Motors is bringing back the predecessor of the Chevy Colorado. However, it is slightly larger than the Ram 700. FCA will launch the new truck in 14 markets, mostly in South America. The minivan will also be available in Mexico and has a starting price of around $12,000 and the top-of-the-line Laramie model will cost $15,000.

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What Is The Ram Big Horn Package 2024
What Is The Ram Big Horn Package 2024

2024 Ram 700 Big Horn News

Pickup trucks are all the rage these days and no, we’re not talking about body-on-frame midsize trucks, we’re talking about crossover-based minivans. A new Ford Maverick is on the way, as is the Hyundai Santa Cruz. So, we see no reason for Ram to offer something similar either. Some rumors suggest that the 2024 Ram 700 could be arriving in North America.

Currently, this minivan is only available in South America, in countries such as Brazil. In select markets, it comes as the Fiat Strada. Therefore, we assume that the North American version will likely come with some upgrades, especially when it comes to the powertrain. Officials are still silent about this model.

Redesigned 2024 Ram 700

As for basic design characteristics, we don’t think the 2024 Ram 700 will be much different in North America. The current second generation has just arrived and has a lot to offer. One is the ride quality which is quite good, and it’s no surprise that this pickup is actually based on the MC-P’s modular platform, which has become a leader in a number of passenger cars.

Size-wise, it’s a fairly small vehicle, with a total length of just 176 inches. Such a size would make it the ideal light commercial vehicle, as well as a very inexpensive option for those looking for light adventure. It also offers a decent payload capacity of about 1,652 lbs.

Exterior And Interior Design

We assume the North American version will come with some design changes, but the overall look will remain the same. In other words, we will see a familiar style, which looks almost like a Fiat Strada. In practice, the only major difference is on the front, where you can see a different grille design, featuring lots of black plastic. We assume that single and double cab versions will be offered.

Given its size, we didn’t expect to see such an impressive level of comfort. The amount of space will be limited and when we consider that the price may be more affordable, we don’t expect any changes in terms of dashboard design either. In other words, the cabin will be made mostly of hard plastic and similar materials, although we expect some additions in terms of technological features, compared to the Brazilian version.

Ram 700 Engine 2024

The biggest change we’ll likely see in the 2024 Ram 700 in North America is in terms of the powertrain. Simply put, the most powerful version in Brazil is only suitable for 95 hp. Therefore, we are counting on important improvements. Some sources point to Fiat’s larger 1.8-liter, which makes around 130 horsepower. Also, we can hear a lot of stories about possibly seeing a 1.3-liter turbo-four from the Renegade. This one makes approximately 180 horsepower.

We certainly hope to see a new transmission as well. The South American model comes with a 5-speed manual and we’re sure it will be replaced by an automatic transmission. A 4WD version is also expected.

Ram 700 Release Date And Price 2024

If we can believe the rumors, the 2024 Ram 700 could hit the North American market sometime next year. On the other hand, the officials are still silent, so we suggest that you take this report with a grain of salt. When it arrives, we assume the starting price will be less than $15,000.