Does Lexus Make A Truck 2024
Does Lexus Make A Truck 2024

2024 Lexus Pickup Truck Price Release Date Price And Rumor

2024 Lexus Pickup Truck. Toyota is a leading truck manufacturer. The Tacoma and Tundra are truck drivers’ favorites. However, the company did not debut in the luxury segment with its 2024 Lexus trucks. Big plans for existing models may lead to new projects. The market is huge and there is room for experimentation. Lexus is also one of the most recognizable faces in the luxury car and SUV segment. So, it’s not surprising that we’ll see a pickup in the foreseeable future, maybe even next year.

However, there are still many questions surrounding the 2024 truck. This is sure to be a standout model. But this market does not exist. Truck drivers look for utility over luxury. Shoppers spend a lot of money on their trips, but the upgrades will help them appeal, not feel more comfortable. On the other hand, without competition, Lexus trucks would have a larger market share.

2024 Lexus Pickup Truck Design

Lexus’ upcoming 2024 pickup truck will be on the same architecture as the LX 600 SUV, and what’s more, the Toyota Tundra uses the same platform. In terms of exterior design, the new pickup truck should borrow a few things from the popular Tundra truck. However, the design language will be classic Lexus.

The full line of LX SUVs serves as a good starting point, so don’t expect some drastic changes and novelties. The front end will feature a distinctive spindle grille, though we hope to see an F Sport look. Lexus could also offer a kind of off-road version with a more aggressive design and higher ground clearance.

2024 Lexus Pickup Truck Interior

The Crew Cab version is the most likely arrangement. Our guess is truck drivers won’t want to drive in a two-door. Inside, the 2024 Lexus Pickup Truck boasts many high-tech features and straight-forward materials. We expect a lot of premium stuff, but also basic features like Apple CarPlay / Android Auto. Leather seats, an enlarged screen and additional safety aids will be standard on any of the top trim levels.

We’ll find out if an F Sport model will be made. This requires a more assertive approach, as well as better management. Well, the 2024 Lexus truck should be more utility, but there’s no question about its luxury. We hope Lexus offers it all.

2024 Lexus Pickup Truck Engine

The size of the 2024 Lexus Pickup Truck has a significant impact on the engine. There is still a possibility that the Japanese automaker will offer some kind of hybrid power. If it’s a mid-range truck, the naturally aspirated V6 is the right engine choice. Even a turbo four could be on the market. This is also true because this is a luxury truck, which means everything has to be better.

The hybrid configuration could also be better. There’s a good chance that the new Lexus pickup truck will be in the half-ton class. This means it will have the same drivetrain as its closest cousin, the Tundra. The I-Force Max hybrid drive is here. In this case, the Lexus truck must be equipped with the I-Force Max system, which is the best way to use the system. There are at least 450 horsepower in the engine, which should be more than enough power for a Lexus truck.

2024 Lexus Pickup Truck Release Date And Price

The all-new 2024 Lexus Pickup Truck doesn’t come cheap. After all, we are talking about a luxury pickup truck. For example, the LX 600 starts at around $90,000 or just under. This means that the price of the truck will cost approximately 100 thousand dollars. Sales will reportedly begin in the first quarter of 2024, though that’s just speculation at this point.

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Lexus Pickup Truck Price Cost 2024
Lexus Pickup Truck Price Cost 2024

2024 Lexus Pickup Truck Update

After Toyota unveiled the new Tundra pickup and its premium Capstone cabin trim level, we’ve heard a lot of rumors about the 2024 Lexus pickup truck. This isn’t the first time we’ve read similar speculation. However, this model is now more feasible than ever. Interestingly, the Tundra will share a platform with the LX 600 SUV.

Of course, the new Lexus pickup truck will be based on the LX 600 and will also borrow a lot from the Toyota Tundra. Reportedly, this will be a luxury pickup truck with good off-road capability, good practicality, and more. You can already find some rendering images of the rumored Lexus LX 600 Pickup concept. Without further ado, here’s everything we know about this potential model.

We wonder what size this model is. It could be based on a Tacoma or a Tundra. Most rumors say that the 2024 Lexus pickup will be a premium version of Toyota’s mid-size model. But, who knows, especially now with the new engine coming to full-size trucks.

Why Buy A 2024 Lexus Truck?

The new luxury pickup will offer more than the standard version. Some of the high-end models in the truck market are the Chevy Silverado High Country, Ford F-150 Limited, and GMC Sierra Denali. In the midrange segment, it’s the diesel-powered Canyon Denali and the Chevy Colorado. A high-end Lexus truck will start at over $40,000 or $50,000, depending on size. But, just look at the SUVs from this company. Lots of fun guaranteed.

The 2024 Lexus Truck May Be The First Hybrid Pickup Truck

We have already mentioned the major changes in the Toyota Truck lineup. The Tundra will use the new engine. Instead of a V8, there will be a turbocharged V6. Abilities and abilities will be similar. Well, at least fans hope Toyota wants to stay competitive. On the other hand, speculation about a smaller Tacoma. The diesel engine will do better. Its competitors also use oil burners. Japanese companies seem more interested in cleaner resources. That is why hybrids are mentioned so often.

The 2024 Lexus truck with a hybrid engine will be the perfect choice. Well, smaller crossovers and SUVs from Lexus already use such a system. The RX is a bestseller and experts believe that the V6, combined with the battery electric, can meet the needs of most truck drivers. Well, this configuration saddles the RX with more towing capacity (3,500 pounds compared to 5,000 pounds for a standard V6). So, there’s a lot to be aware of before the 2024 Lexus pickup truck hits dealerships. The company can still offer a 3.5-liter V6 with nearly 300 horsepower and excellent fuel economy. The same unit sits under the hood of the current Tacoma. Therefore, it will be just a modified version of the Toyota truck with more options and premium accessories.

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Lexus Pickup Truck 2021 Manufactured 2024
Lexus Pickup Truck 2021 Manufactured 2024

2024 Lexus Pickup Truck News

The new Lexus pickup truck that may hit the market in 2024 hasn’t been rosy yet. The Lexus brand is very well known for its luxurious style. This means that the new minivan will certainly be in the premium segment of the automotive market. The design language of this car may not be too far removed from the LX 570 made by Lexus.

It’s easy to add the iconic LX look to the new pickup’s design. There wasn’t much competition when it came to luxury trucks until recently. That would be to Toyota’s advantage in providing nearly all of the upcoming 2024 pickup truck looks and designs. The interesting thing to discuss is the capture platform. It can be a single body or a body on a frame.

With the base LX probably a few tweaks in the new minivan to make it look a little more aggressive. The new aggressive grille, bed skirts and skid plates are sure to be modified and redesigned for the new pickup. Car enthusiasts expect the new car to take the form of a full-size pickup truck with a luxurious look from front to back.

Lexus Pickup Interior

One thing one would expect from a Lexus in terms of interior design is a luxurious and attractive feel. The new Lexus pickup truck will scream loudly in the cabin. Following the upscale appeal of the interior space, a spacious interior was designed. For a full-size pickup truck, interior space would be massive. The crew cabin layout will certainly be good.

Interior materials are likely to be the same on all high-end trim levels. This is really required to support the idea of ​​luxury for this car from Lexus. High quality materials mean nothing but comfort. With that said, expect the interior of Lexus’ new 2024 pickup to be very comfortable. In addition, the interior of the car will also be interesting at the same time.


A decent engine is needed to support the full-size pickup truck’s rugged oomph on the outside. An option for a full-size pickup truck is the Twin-Turbo V6, at least. The vehicle lineup currently available from Lexus sees the 3.5-liter V6 engine. Upcoming pickup trucks may at least use this engine. Upgrading to a V8 is definitely the natural thing to do.

The new Lexus pickup truck will produce up to 278 horsepower when using the V6 engine. Peak power outages when using the V8 engine up to 470 hp provided the engine is 5.0 liters. A larger engine is a more sensible option for a full-size pickup that Lexus needs to consider.

Lexus Pickup Release Date And Price

Some last things to discuss about the upcoming Lexus pickup are the release date and price. So far, there are clear hints regarding a possible launch date for the car. Perhaps Lexus will introduce it later this year or early 2021 as a concept. The model year of this pickup is likely to be 2024, which won’t be available until 2024 for purchase.

As for the expected price, the new Lexus pickup truck will cost no more than $50,000. This price is a reasonable price for a luxury brand originating in Japan. For now, there is nothing but rumors and thoughts about a possible new pickup truck produced by Lexus. It will remain this way until some spy photos of the car become available for further analysis.