2024 Lexus Pickup Truck Lexus Pickup Truck Old For Sale Waranty
2024 Lexus Pickup Truck Lexus Pickup Truck Old For Sale Waranty

2024 Lexus Pickup Truck Price Release Date Price And Redesign

2024 Lexus Pickup Truck. There have been numerous rumors around the 2024 Lexus pickup truck after Toyota unveiled its new Tundra and high-end Capstone grade levels. Furthermore, we have read similar ideas before. But this model is more feasible than ever right now. It’s interesting to note that the Tundra and the LX 600 SUV will share a platform.

Of course, the new Lexus pickup truck will be based on the LX 600 and will also borrow heavily from the Toyota Tundra. That being said, this will be a luxury pickup truck with good off-road capability, great functionality, and more. You can already find some rendering images of the rumored Lexus LX 600 Pickup concept. Without further ado, here’s everything we know about this potential model.

2024 Lexus Pickup Truck Design

The upcoming 2024 Lexus pickup truck will use the same architecture as the LX 600 SUV. Moreover, Toyota Tundra uses the same platform. In terms of exterior styling, the new pickup has to borrow a few things from the popular Tundra. However, the design language will be the classic Lexus.

The full LX SUV range is a good starting point, so don’t expect some drastic changes and novelties. The front end will feature a distinctive spindle grille, although we’d expect to see an F Sport type. Lexus could also offer some kind of off-road version with a more aggressive design and higher ground clearance.

2024 Lexus Pickup Truck Interior

Crew Cab version is the most likely setup. Our guess is that truckers wouldn’t want to drive around in a two-door car. Inside, the 2024 Lexus pickup truck has plenty of high-tech features and upright materials. We expected a lot of premium stuff, but also core features like Apple CarPlay/Android Auto. Leather seats, larger screens and additional safety aids will be standard on any of the upper trim levels.

We’ll find out if the F Sport model will be made. This requires a more assertive approach, as well as better management. Well, the Lexus 2024 truck needs to be more useful, but its luxury is unquestionable. We hope Lexus provides everything.

2024 Lexus Pickup Truck Engine

The size of the 2024 Lexus pickup truck has a huge impact on the engine. There is still a possibility that the Japanese automaker will offer some kind of hybrid power. If it’s a mid-range truck, a naturally aspirated V6 is a great engine choice. Even a four-cylinder turbo engine can be on the market. That’s also true because it’s a luxury truck, which means things should be better.

A hybrid configuration could be better, too. There is a good chance that the new Lexus pickup truck will be in the half-ton class. This means that it will have the same propulsion system as its closest cousin, the Tundra. The I-Force Max Hybrid has arrived. In this case, your Lexus truck should be tuned with the I-Force Max system, which is the best way to use the system. There is at least 450 horsepower in the engine, which should be more than enough power for a Lexus truck.

2024 Lexus Pickup Truck Release Date And Price

The all-new 2024 Lexus pickup truck won’t come cheap. After all, we are talking about a luxury pickup truck. For example, the LX 600 starts at around $90,000 or just under that. This means that the price of the truck will cost almost 100 thousand dollars. Sales are said to start in the first quarter of 2024, although that’s just speculation at this point.

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2024 Lexus Pickup Truck Trucks Black Commercial Comparison Caps
2024 Lexus Pickup Truck Trucks Black Commercial Comparison Caps

2024 Lexus Pickup Truck Update

Toyota is a leading company in the truck sector. However, the Japanese company is still not convinced that the luxury truck can meet expectations. The premium subsidiary of Lexus is known for its large SUVs as well as for its reliability and capability. The automaker could use the swing to ship an all-new Lexus truck, in 2021 as the 2022 model year.

Everything we know about this car is still uncertain. However, Lexus will not provide any information. Well, you don’t want to reveal the plans of the competition, because every truck maker is thinking about producing a premium model. However, the only such offering so far comes with a Denali package for GMC pickups.

Lexus trucks will have a lot in common with the LX. The full-size SUV enters a new generation. We knew it would appear as the LX600. The new painting remains a mystery. But it does make fans believe that the development could extend to the truck segment.

The lack of competition is one of its advantages. However, competitors will respond once production of the Lexus pickup begins. Also, the price will be higher, but US truck drivers are willing to pay more for a more powerful car.

One of the biggest questions is the payment system. Toyota launched a new twin-turbo engine. This will be the power plant for the Tundra truck. Therefore, the I-Force Max can also serve as an excellent truck engine.

Engine: Twin-Turbo V6

The size of the truck will determine the type of power plant the newcomer will use. We think the new unit is a favourite. As for the pickup truck, we don’t know much about it. Toyota has announced several things, such as the number of cylinders and the powertrain that will be equipped with the turbocharger system. On the other hand, no estimates are available for production, towing capacity, or fuel economy.

From the current lineup, there’s definitely a 3.5-liter V6 as a better choice for a mid-size truck. On the other hand, if the Lexus pickup is to become a full-size car, engineers will have to ramp up production with a V8 unit.

Either way, one thing is for sure – it’s going to be a towable Lexus truck. A mid-size ATV can tow 7,000 pounds while a full-size Tundra is more capable. Plus, its off-road ability is unquestionable. Fox shocks and other suspension upgrades make the Land Cruiser, TRD Pro models, and many other panels the toughest off-road vehicles on the market.

Lexus Trucks: Design

The look of the Lexus truck will be aggressive, bold and attractive. Well, that’s what got us used to the designer. We can’t wait to see a pickup truck with a spindle grille at the heart of its design. Premium wheels and cool extras will make it stand out, too. Side stairs, LED lighting, bedding and many other features will be standard. Of course, expect some surprises from the company.

The interior will be filled with many advanced systems and accessories. Toyota now uses Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. This luxury pickup will also get premium audio and navigation. There is no doubt that the cabin with four doors can accommodate five people. Again, in a year or two things will change, technology will evolve, but the company will continue to track and provide all the necessary features for Lexus trucks.

So far, there is not much information or reliable sources to talk about about Lexus trucks. It’s been a few years since rumors mentioned a luxury pickup. We can find renderings, but that’s probably not what the truck looks like. On the other hand, the lack of official details couldn’t stop fans from visualizing the final product.

The company may roll out the idea in 2021 and the first serious move won’t happen until 2022. After that, fans will see the new Tundra, and a Lexus pickup may share a few things with it. On the other hand, this will be the company’s first major debut. Other models will take longer to redesign, so the new Tacoma will arrive in 2024.


American buyers do not spare when buying a new truck. For example, mid-size models start at less than $25,000, and there are many entry-level full-size trucks available for under $30,000. On the other hand, the average price paid for a truck is nearly $45,000. However, truck drivers pay for a larger transmission range and features that will increase comfort and make the towing process easier. Luxury trucks offer something completely different, something that SUVs dominate. That is why the company did not enter this sector. However, if a Lexus truck appears in 2021, Ford, GMC and Nissan will surely give the green light to their premium models.

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2024 Lexus Pickup Truck Mods Mpg Dimensions Quality Uk
2024 Lexus Pickup Truck Mods Mpg Dimensions Quality Uk

2024 Lexus Pickup Truck News

As a major manufacturer of luxury cars, Lexus is already present in most sectors of the auto industry. Sedans, sports cars, crossovers and SUVs are all out there, and now is pickup time if we can count on the latest reports. Today’s market revolves mostly around crossovers, but classic vehicles with a body-on-frame are still in great demand. While SUV sales are declining, trucks are more popular than ever. So, expect to see a pickup under the iconic badge as well. Of course, we also rely on Lexus pickup trucks.

At this point, it’s all about rumors, but unofficial reports suggest that the new model is a certainty. Currently, there is only one luxury truck in the world, the Mercedes-Benz X-Class, but it is not available in North America. Thus, it will be the first of its kind in the US market. It’s claimed we could see a concept version of a Lexus pickup truck soon, maybe in a year or two.

Lexus Pickup Trucks – Body On Frame Or Unit Body

The new Lexus pickup truck leaves plenty of room for speculation and one of the first things that comes to mind is the platform. As you know, most trucks have a traditional chassis-on-frame platform, due to the obvious advantages in terms of utility and overall performance. However, keep in mind that this will mainly be a comfortable vehicle, so a monocoque platform is also likely. After all, the Honda Ridgeline has been able to compete with conventional trucks for more than 15 years. Therefore, it is not surprising that the Lexus pickup truck is based on a crossover like the RX, based on the company’s new TNGA architecture.

However, we are closer to the body platform on the frame. Toyota is a fairly conservative company when it comes to its overall design policies. In addition, a Lexus pickup truck would be the perfect base, as the Japanese manufacturer makes some of the best pickup trucks in the world.

Lexus Pickup Truck Exterior Design

Another thing that comes to mind about this potential model is its size. While we still have reliable information, most experts expect to see a mid-size truck. Therefore, the new model will rely heavily on the popular Tacoma, with most mechanical parts involved. The Lexus pickup truck, on the other hand, will come with an all-new metal plate and a style that completely follows the brand’s latest design language.

In practical terms, this means an interface that features the famous spindle grid layout, something that has been a trademark of the company for a long time. Also, we might assume there won’t be many body styles on show. Don’t expect to see a cabin version of a Lexus pickup, but something that puts comfort first. Therefore, the crew cabin design is what we expect from the new model.


As we just mentioned, this model is expected to come with a crew cab design. The main advantage of the interior of the Lexus pickup truck is a large interior space and a high level of comfort. The crew cabin layout will provide ample space in both rows. However, it is something you can find in regular pickups as well. What distinguishes this model from others is the quality of the interior. Of course, we rely on high-quality materials, as this is fairly common on all Lexus models.

Lexus Truck For Sale

Of course, we relied on a lot of styling as well, with a neat dashboard, perhaps borrowed for a new generation of crossover, along with some beloved truck details. Finally, count on a full suite of standard equipment, including the latest technology, advanced security features, and more.

Engine Lexus Pickup Truck

While this would be a new model, we consider the company prefers to stick with proven design solutions. Therefore, we can assume that the Lexus pickup truck will come with the popular 3.5-liter V6 engine, which produces around 278 horsepower and 265 pound-feet of torque. However, we should see a new 8-speed automatic transmission instead of the current six-speed gearbox. There’s also a great chance to see a hybrid version on display. Of course, the familiar system of the RX 450h is the first thing that comes to mind. This system produces about 306 hp. Some reports also point to a high-performance version, with a large 5.0-liter V8 engine, good around 470 horsepower.

Release Date And Price

At this point, it’s really hard to say when the Lexus pickup truck will go on sale. The new model will probably come in some sort of concept first, while the production version will likely come in about a year or two. In terms of the price of a Lexus pickup truck, we know for sure that this new model isn’t cheap. However, we cannot say a more accurate number at this time.