2024 Genesis Gv90 Design Concept
2024 Genesis Gv90 Design Concept

2024 Genesis GV90 Design Price Release

Lifequestalliance.com – 2024 Genesis GV90. The 2024 Genesis GV90 will be the brand’s first three-row luxury SUV. Similar to the G90 sedan, the new flagship SUV will be stylish and offer adequate space for the comfort of all passengers.

Moreover, the GV90 will be an electric vehicle, as several rumors suggest Hyundai has discontinued research on internal combustion engines. According to our information, the forthcoming model will utilize the same E-GMP platform as the Ioniq 5, EV6, and GV60.

2024 Genesis GV90 Design

First renderings of the 2024 Genesis GV90 indicate an aesthetically pleasing design. As noted earlier, the new SUV is the second electric vehicle produced by the business, following the GV60. Hence, it will employ the same Electric Global Modular Platform (E-GMP), which should be able to accommodate a substantial battery capacity.

According to available information, the new car will share components with the electric SUVs of Hyundai and Kia. Similar to the Seven concept, it will have a very long wheelbase measuring 126 inches between the axles.

2024 Genesis GV90 Interior

The 2024 Genesis GV90 will be the first Genesis vehicle with three rows of seating and adequate room for seven passengers. Also, it will share a number of luxurious features with the G90 sedan. With a staggering 3.2 meters (126 inches) of space between the axles, this SUV will provide exceptional comfort, and even rear-seat passengers should have enough legroom.

We expect a massive display and a digital gauge. It will likely feature GPS, SiriusXM satellite radio, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and a Bang & Olufsen sound system.

2024 Genesis GV90 Engine

We do not presently know what will power the 2024 model year Genesis GV90. According to numerous sources, the next flagship will only be available with two powertrain choices, resulting in standard all-wheel drive. This SUV will ride on a new E-GMP platform, although few details are available at the time of writing.

According to rumors, the GV90 will have a range of at least 300 miles. If you have a rapid charger, it should take no longer than 20 to 30 minutes to charge your device from 10 to 80 percent. Even while the actual power requirements are unknown, we estimate that it will be substantially more powerful than the GV60.

2024 Genesis GV90 Release Date And Price

According to reports, the base model of the planned 2024 Genesis GV90 SUV will cost roughly $85,000. But, expect a significant price increase when selecting some upper trims.

As noted earlier, the GV90 is the SUV built on the E-GMP platform, which also underpins the Kia EV9, Hyundai Ioniq 7, and a number of other three-row SUVs. When it is released the following year, this SUV will compete with the Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV and the Tesla Model X.

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2024 Genesis Gv90 Price Release Date Update
2024 Genesis Gv90 Price Release Date Update

2024 Genesis GV90 Updates

The upscale Genesis brand continues to diversify its lineup away from a reliance on sedans. Naturally, the focus will be on the ever-expanding SUV market and electrification. With the launching of the gorgeous, midsize GV80 SUV, the company is currently working on a smaller GV70 model. Despite this, there are signs that Hyundai’s luxury sub-brand is considering a new full-size vehicle. The Genesis GV90 is designed to compete against the BMW X7 and Mercedes GLS.

Genesis offers three sedans currently: the G70, G80, and G90. The only Genesis-branded SUV now available is the midsize GV80, but the luxury brand has promised three more high-riding models by 2021. Genesis has announced that the all-electric SUV will be the next vehicle to be introduced, following the diminutive GV70. The seven-seat, full-size GV90 will not be available until 2021.

Genesis has not commented on the reports regarding the GV90 model, and few design details are known.

Genesis GV90 Design

Hyundai’s premium sub-brand debuted its first GV80 SUV on the M3 rear-wheel-drive platform. The upcoming GV70 compact will have the same rear-wheel-drive architecture as the GV70 sedan. The third all-electric Genesis SUV should have a similar footprint to a midsize SUV and be constructed on the new electric platform.

If Genesis employs the same strategy with the speculated full-size GV90, the luxury SUV will share a platform with the next-generation G90 sedan. The updated G90 is presently available for the 2020 model year, while the all-new variations are anticipated for 2023.

According to the brand’s chief design officer, the new SUVs will have the same DNA but have distinct aesthetic identities. The new GV70 will not be a shrunken GV80, as evidenced by spy photographs, but two variations will share the brand’s signature aesthetic characteristics. Like with every full-size SUV, the GV90 should have a distinctive, bigger look, but it should also share design characteristics with the most recent Genesis vehicles.

The Genesis GV90 flagship model should feature a high roof and an upright posture. The brand’s signature shield-shaped grille will be prominently featured on the front fascia. In addition, the model should feature four headlights and four taillights.

Genesis GV90 Interior, Equipment

While the exteriors of the brand’s SUVs should be unique, their interiors should be same. The interior of the GV90 would likely resemble that of the updated GV80. Additionally, the vehicle would offer greater levels of comfort, technology, and safety.

The model should have a horizontally oriented, pristine dashboard with a touchscreen set high in the center. There would also be additional luxurious accents within the cabin. The GV90 would include a seven-seat configuration and ample cargo space. The vehicle would also include the premium amenities and top-tier safety systems of the base model.

Genesis GV90 Powertrains

Similar to other companies’ SUVs, the Genesis GV90’s powertrain components could be shared with the Genesis sedan. The full-size SUV might therefore benefit from a 5.0-liter V-8 engine. Moreover, the current G90 has a turbocharged V-6 engine with a displacement of 3.0 liters.

Despite this, the GV90 SUV should shift to the brand’s newly manufactured engines. The 3.3-liter V-6 turbo engine with 365 horsepower should be replaced by the 3.5-liter engine with an extra 10 horsepower. In addition, the brand is constructing a new inline-6 turbodiesel engine to replace the existing V-6 unit.

The car should combine engines with an eight-speed automated transmission. There would be two-wheel and all-wheel drive choices. In addition, the vehicle would have a computer-controlled limited-slip differential and a sophisticated suspension system. The vehicle would have an adjustable suspension and numerous driving modes, similar to the GV80.

The full-size Genesis SUV should also be offered with an electric propulsion system.

Genesis GV90 Launch Date and Price

Genesis has not yet commented on the rumors around the GV90, its next flagship SUV. The vehicle should emerge between 2023 and 2024, following the release of the GV70 and a new fully-electric SUV.

2024 Genesis GV90. With a starting price of around $70,000, the Genesis GV90 would compete with luxury full-size BMW and Mercedes SUVs. Like with models from other brands, it should offer one of the best warranties in its category.

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2024 Genesis Gv90 Interior
2024 Genesis Gv90 Interior

2024 Genesis GV90 News

The Korean producer of luxury automobiles is aggressively expanding its lineup. Previously, we have observed a few crossovers and a large number of luxury vehicles. According to the most recent reports, the Genesis GV90, a full-size SUV, will arrive in 2024. The new model has been officially confirmed, and we anticipate its release soon.

This type is noteworthy because it will not be a conventional SUV flagship larger than the GV80. It will also be one of the first all-electric vehicles produced by the firm, featuring the highest level of performance and zero emissions. Other from that, we anticipate a beautiful design with numerous parallels to the G90 sedan.


As noted previously, the Genesis GV90 2024 will share many characteristics with the G90. This pertains to aesthetics in particular, as the two models will soon share numerous design concepts. Clearly, the front end will be the most similar, as the headlights and face will be identical. Nevertheless, some renderings suggest a slightly different grille design that is more prominent and contains additional lighting to highlight the model’s all-electric nature.

In contrast, the mechanical portion of the vehicle, beginning with the platform, will be substantially different. This vehicle will use the same E-GMP platform as the Kia EV9 and Hyundai Ioniq 7. The new SUV will have a 126-inch wheelbase, so you can anticipate massive dimensions and abundant internal space.


According to recent reports, the 2024 Genesis GV90 would have a wheelbase of 126 inches, providing significant interior room. This will be the first three-row crossover for the company, and based on the expected proportions, we are optimistic that all three rows will provide enough capacity. The dimensions of the cargo compartment must also be adequate. As the battery will be positioned below the floor, we are optimistic that the interior space will not be diminished.

In terms of design, we expect the G90 sedan to serve as a substantial source of inspiration. We anticipate a similar dashboard structure, but modifications are possible. Simply told, the GV90 would have a variety of distinctive features, one of which would be an instrument cluster design tailored to the all-electric nature of the vehicle.

System and Batteries

As previously stated, the 2024 Genesis GV90 will be an all-electric crossover. We are unaware of the specifics of the maximum output at this moment, however the most recent information indicates a number of potential options. We believe that cheaper trim levels will utilize rear-wheel drive, while higher trim levels will have more capable electric motors on both axles.

While estimations of the battery’s power remain uncertain, many aspects of the battery are clear. Although we do not yet know the actual range, we believe that it will be roughly 300 miles. Incredibly, we also know that this Vehicle will have a charging capability of 350 kW, which is rather remarkable. Given its exceptional charging speed, we anticipate that it will take between 20 and 30 minutes to charge the battery from 10% to 80% capacity.

Release Date

2024 Genesis GV90. We expect the 2024 Genesis GV90 to make its debut during the later half of 2023.