2024 Dodge Ram Rampage new for sale truck price 4x4 pictures
2024 Dodge Ram Rampage new for sale truck price 4x4 pictures

2024 Dodge Ram Rampage Price Release Date Price And Redesign

2024 Dodge Ram Rampage. Every year, the market for pickup trucks expands. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that even well-known businesses in this market will diversify their product lines. For instance, after a very long time, several new single-body pickups will be released. Therefore, there is no reason why the FCA can’t do something similar. Dodge hasn’t had much success in this market in the past. Furthermore, with models like the Ranchero and El Camino, Ford and Chevy rule the coupe market. That probably won’t deter FCA from adopting a nameplate that has just been manufactured for a short while. Of course, we’re referring to the Dodge Rampage 2024, which has returned nearly 40 years later.

The original Rampage was made between 1982 and 1984 and was not very successful. However, things have been a little different lately and the new iteration may come with a completely different design approach, the report says. Therefore, we will consider several possibilities for the return of the Dodge Rampage 2024.

2024 Dodge Ram Rampage Design

While the new 2024 Dodge Rampage may go in a different direction, one thing is certain. Yes, it will feature a unibody platform. The BoF design will remain reserved for the new Ram and Dakota trucks. This particular model will be based on a passenger car. One possibility is to take a look at the classic coupe styling. Such vehicles disappeared from the US market decades ago, but we feel there is a lot of potential for them these days.

Additionally, we’ve seen some render images that show this design approach and what they all have in common is the Challenger-based design. The famous coupe pony seems to be the perfect base for the new model. Therefore, it is no wonder that the photo shows almost the same appearance, except for the loading box in the rear, typical of this car. Also, it might look more muscular with a front face that borrows some details from the Ram 1500.

The second option, which seems likely to us, is to look at the relatively distinctive pickup design, but with a monocoque platform underneath. Honda has been practicing such an approach for over 15 years, and it clearly has some very clear advantages over traditional BoF pickups. This mainly indicates the quality of the ride, as such a car will work as a crossover. Visually, we suspect some inspiration will be drawn from the 2006 concept that has a large and somewhat muscular look.

2024 Dodge Ram Rampage Interior

The interior design will depend on many things, but mostly on the exterior. As we just mentioned, the 2024 Dodge Ram Rampage can come as either a monocoque pickup truck or a coupe ute. The difference in cabin design would be significant, given the approach that assumes a design like the Ridgeline should mean crew cabin style, with two rows of spacious and comfortable seating. On the other hand, the coupe ute design usually means only one row of seats, which by modern industry standards might look a bit flawed.

However, the cabin must have a high overall quality to compete in this segment. Therefore, the dashboard will be built precisely, and you will use a lot of high-quality materials. Of course, the attractive aesthetic feels natural, while we also rely on plenty of standard and available equipment, both in terms of infotainment and safety features.

2024 Dodge Ram Rampage Engine

This aspect shouldn’t come as any bigger surprises. We rely on familiar engines from the FCA range and the show will likely start with familiar V6 engines. Of course, we’re talking about the 3.6-liter Pentastar, which will likely be tuned to 285 horsepower and 260 pound-feet of torque. Another engine expected is the 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder, which is equally powerful but significantly more efficient.

Speaking of fuel efficiency, don’t expect a diesel option on offer. In contrast, a new plug-in hybrid system seems more likely. It is based on a 2.0-liter four-cylinder turbo engine and generates a combined power of 375 horsepower. In addition to excellent fuel economy, we also count on decent all-electric autonomy. Finally, we see a high-performance version with a V8 engine under the hood. This has become very distinctive among the models from the FCA range.

2024 Dodge Ram Rampage Release Date And Price

The 2024 Dodge Ram Rampage is still just a rumor, so it’s hard to talk about a more accurate release date. On the other hand, rumors have it that it may come later this year, with a starting price of around $30,000. However, more details will come in the near future.

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2024 Dodge Ram Rampage Models Midsize Movie News Waranty
2024 Dodge Ram Rampage Models Midsize Movie News Waranty

2024 Dodge Ram Rampage Update

Rampage is an interesting concept. However, you are unlikely to see this in production soon. Therefore, the 2023 Dodge Rampage remains rumored about future plans. Companies can revive interest by modernizing the concept. Hard-core enthusiasts still believe the company can bring trucks to the Dodge range. This may be the best reason to keep hope alive. Dodge is now owned by the FCA. If we take a closer look at the lineup, we will not find many vehicles with this badge. The band is crushed. So building another Dodge is a miracle. And if it’s a pickup truck, the surprise will be even bigger.

Ram Trucks dominate the FCA lineup. These models are now more popular than Chevy pickups. And the team is full of all the famous models. Ram 1500 is a best seller. It also features a diesel engine, and a high-performance TRX kit. The heavy-duty class is covered by the Ram 2500 and 3500 models. The company has a slot in the mid-range class. Jeep Gladiator is a new truck for this class. The only chance to see the 2023 Dodge Rampage is to join the compact pickup lineup and become a competitor to the Ford Maverick and Hyundai Santa Cruz. Well, if we compare it to the old concept, then fans are not expecting this truck.


With no room in the lineup, but the Dodge Rampage 2023 is still an interesting concept, we might see an exception by the company. Well, this isn’t the first time a competition has taken place in the family. The Dodge Durango and Jeep Grand Cherokee have coexisted for years. Now, the 2023 Dodge Rampage and Jeep Gladiator could be two brothers and new competitors at once. You’re not likely to see a truck in the half-ton class with the Ram 1500. Plus, many buyers still call it a Dodge Ram.

The concept is very old. Rampage’s debut was in 2006. The hype has been at its peak for a long time. At the moment, many fans are feeling cold and many are still waiting for the Dodge Rampage 2023. On the other hand, it is not the best strategy to tell everyone about your plans, especially the competition. So the shock impact is the best thing a Rampage truck can offer.


Dodge’s return to the pickup segment is hopeful. But the question is – will it make FCA more competitive with Ford? The truck maker took second place in sales from Chevrolet. Also, FCA is not afraid of change and novelty. The company is bringing back the Jeep pickup after 30 years. Also, the 700-horsepower Ram TRX beat the famous Ford Raptor truck. Everything proves that we are talking about a serious company with an organized plan and structure. Therefore, if the Dodge Rampage 2023 happened, there is no reason to suspect its failure.

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2024 Dodge Ram Rampage Engine Model Cost Changes Price Insurance
2024 Dodge Ram Rampage Engine Model Cost Changes Price Insurance

2024 Dodge Ram Rampage News

The 2020 Rampage may be FCA’s next midsize truck. The company recently revealed the Jeep Gladiator, but fans still wanted to see a pickup with a Ram badge on it. Rampage banners were short-lived during the 1980s. However, it remains well known even after 30 years of discontinuation. Well, we saw a concept that bears his name in 2006. However, the new Rampage will not have much in common with that platform.

Ram needed a mid-size model along with a full-size Ram 1500 truck, and after a few slow years, that part bounced back. We could see a new package for the Toyota Tacoma, Ford decided to bring back the Ranger, and other companies are considering adding models to this segment as well. Well, the FCA now has a rep in this sector, but the Dodge Ram is something that will catch the eye. Rampage 2020 will change things in the market.

The Dodge Rampage is a compact truck that was released in 1982. Well, back then, companies used to convert their cars into trucks, simply by trimming the back of the cab and making the bed. This car was very popular, but with the arrival of the pickup truck we know today, this sporty version has lost its purpose. For towing, there’s a new generation of pickups, while sporty performance comes from a variety of sedans, SUVs and crossovers. So, Rampage doesn’t last long. The car stopped in 1984.

But, the Dodge Rampage appears again. In 2006 at the Chicago Auto Show, the company introduced a new concept. Rampage is ready to come back. However, the concept did not go into production. The global economic crisis hit the market and most of the companies killed some of their trucks. Even Ford had to discontinue the Ranger in the United States. The Rampage concept is interesting because it uses front wheel drive. Dodge is playing with unusual designs. Well, after 14 years we can’t expect many of the features we saw in 2006 to appear in the new Rampage 2020.

Rampage Engine 2020, Specifications

Well, the 2020 Rampage should take a position in the midsize truck segment. Full size and heavy duty nozzles are not available. On the other hand, performance trucks aren’t popular right now, so FCA isn’t interested in building such a vehicle. Furthermore, like Rampage, some rumors suggest that the Ram Dakota could return in 2022. The truck maker is clearly looking to expand its lineup, but in this segment, there is no room for many models. Today, crossovers and SUVs take most of the market share, so we can find many variations and subclasses.

So, believe me, the 2020 Ram Rampage will be a mid-size model. What types of motors can be obtained from FCA? The 3.6L Pentastar unit is an excellent starter for this type of pickup truck. It’s capable of producing 285 horsepower and 260 pound-feet of torque. Also, the powertrain can tow about 6,500 lbs. The new Gladiator also uses a turbocharged six-cylinder engine. Well, 260 horsepower and 440 lb-ft of torque is too much for the compact part. For example, the Chevy Colorado gets 180 horsepower and 370 pound-feet of torque. Well, the new 2020 Rampage will have the big advantage of nearly 8000 pounds of towing capacity.

Like other mid-size models, the base version of the 2020 Rampage will come with a four-cylinder unit. This will be the main difference between it and the Jeep Gladiator. It will definitely be a 2.4-liter inboard engine with 180 horsepower and 175 pound-feet of torque. Towing capacity, in this case, drops to 2,000 pounds, but the Rampage gets an extra mile for an MPG rating. With this engine, the new truck will compete with entry-level models Nissan Frontier and Chevy Colorado, using all-wheel drive.

Rampage Rampage Style 2020

The new 2020 Rampage will be a Ram 1500, that’s for sure. Well, everything will be smaller. The full-size truck hits the new generation, so a lot of the features will carry over to the smaller stability companion. Rampage will benefit from the settlement settlement. Big Horn, Laramie, and Rebel will be part of the lineup, each bringing a specific set of features.

The front end will get a smaller grille with a Ram badge on the horizontal bar. Slimmer headlights will make the mid-size model more aggressive. Fog lights are optional. The new pickup truck will use two-door and four-door cabin configurations. A quad cab will be shorter than a double cab, but both arrangements can accommodate five passengers. The bed will provide short and long variations. The buyer will choose the best option.

Inner Frenzy 2020

Inside, fabric covers the seats and upholstery of the base model. Upper trim levels carry leather and other premium materials. Uconnect 3 is the current system available for the Ram 1500, while higher trim levels use versions 4 and 4c. The 4x will have a navigation system and a large 8.4-inch touch screen. Rampage 2020 will offer Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and other smartphone connectivity apps. A panoramic sunroof and an advanced audio system will be optional.

Rampage 2020 Release Date And Price

The release date of the new Rampage 2020 is still unknown. However, the company must accelerate the development in order to compete with its competitors. The Ford Ranger is back, and a new Chevy Colorado is around the corner. On the other hand, FCA may be resting a bit longer with the arrival of the new Jeep Gladiator in 2020. However, they’ll have to bring in a mid-size Ram truck to keep fans of this lineup happy.

The truck’s base price will be around $22,000. This is what we usually see from this part. The price of Nissan Frontier is only $ 20 thousand, but its offerings cannot be compared with other pickup trucks. Moreover, trucks with four-cylinder engines take up a small share of units sold. The V6 will increase the cost of the 2020 Rampage to $25,000. If there is a large diesel unit as well, then the starting price will be no less than 30 thousand dollars.