2023 Volkswagen Nivus Exterior Review Lease Interior Specs Image
2023 Volkswagen Nivus Exterior Review Lease Interior Specs Image

2023 Volkswagen Nivus Release Date Price And Redesign

2023 Volkswagen Nivus. The 2023 Volkswagen Nivus is rapidly approaching. This coupe-style crossover was unmasked for the first time. Nivus will be available for purchase in Brazil in June 2020. However, the country has already completely created this approach. It will also be available in Argentina later this year, as well as Europe in early 2023.

This is another German crossover in South America, after the T-Cross. Unlike the T-Cross, the Nivus will ride in every possible way. In addition, the Nivus will be cheaper than the T-Cross and will offer a 1.0-liter engine. A six-speed transmission will be offered, along with a lot of exciting new things.

2023 Volkswagen Nivus Design

Volkswagen Nivus 2023 will not deviate from the brand’s design language. It won’t introduce anything new but we have to say it looks amazing. It is a coupe-like crossover that uses the MQB-A0 architecture. The Nivus comes with a 100.8-inch wheelbase and 167.7-inch length. This means the Nivus is three inches longer than the T-Cross.

The crossover will come with LED taillights, rear sensors, a rearview camera, and power-adjustable rearview mirrors. Additionally, rain-sensing wipers and similar equipment will be offered through an optional package. It also includes alloy wheels, more chrome accents, and various driver aids. Anyway, see for yourself, we think Nivus looks great.

2023 Volkswagen Nivus Interior

Here’s another difference between the T-Cross model and the new 2023 VW Nivus. The Nivus departs from the T-Cross in the rear because it offers more cargo space. The Nivus is rated at 14.66 cubic feet while the T-Cross delivers 13.2 cubic feet. On the other hand, the Nivus comes with a lower roof so that there is less headroom. The interior looks comfortable and modern.

Technologically speaking, Nivus 2023 presents the VW Play multimedia center. It comes with a 10.1-inch touch screen and offers Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Wireless functionality will be optional, along with adaptive cruise control, front parking sensors and leather seats. Volkswagen offers many optional equipment and optional packages.

2023 Volkswagen Nivus Engine

Under the hood, the 2023 Volkswagen Nivus comes with a 1.0-liter turbocharged engine. This unit delivers 128 horsepower and is only available with a six-speed automatic transmission. There will be three trim levels, the 200 TSI, Comfortline and Highline. However, all trim levels use the same output. Volkswagen won’t even offer a slightly higher production or optional new engine. However, the goal is to focus on ride quality and comfort, not performance.

2023 Volkswagen Nivus Release Date And Price

Pricing for the new 2023 Volkswagen Nivus will start at just under $20,000. This model is cheaper than the T-Cross available in Brazil. We have already said that there will be three converging levels. The Comfortline costs about $20,000 and the Highline about $22,000. Volkswagen will also offer an optional R-Line package with gloss black paint and more premium interior equipment.

Sales will start in June in Brazil. Next, the Nivus will arrive in Argentina later in 2020. Finally, this coupe-like crossover will arrive in Europe in early 2023.

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2023 Volkswagen Nivus Tsi Usa Crossover Turbo Release Date
2023 Volkswagen Nivus Tsi Usa Crossover Turbo Release Date

2023 Volkswagen Nivus Update

German brand Volkswagen is known for its ability to experiment with car formats and come up with the most desirable cars at any time. Here’s what a compact and inexpensive 2021 Volkswagen Nivus crossover looks like based on the company’s Polo model.

2021 Volkswagen Nivus Redesign

This car, despite its detailed resemblance to other Volkswagen models, can hardly be called a redesign of anything previously produced: a bright and modern appearance, not the most sophisticated interior, but quite comfortable and the excellent engine compartment characteristics designed to make it. The new products are in demand in various markets of the continent and Qatar.

The Outside

Judging by the photos, the 2021 Volkswagen Nivus will look richer than the money asks for. Visually, it will resemble a “pumped” Polo with similar relief elements, optics and air intakes. However, the bumper, taillights and some other little things are really unique.

The face of the new model will look brighter and livelier. It is not as tall as other crossovers and does not have a large width, which makes the car easy to control even for a person of short stature. Under the sloping windshield, the large hood, not the largest by elongation, shows sharp edges.

Leaning toward the highway, the car turns its attention to the Volkswagen’s rectangular headlight technology and C-shaped daytime running lights. Among them is the large prismatic radiator grille with wide black plastic horizontal slats and a large chrome branding symbol in the center. The perimeter of the grill is also trimmed with chrome stripes.

The Volkswagen Nivus body kit 2021, although quite large, does not differ in a large number of elements: only fog lights are hidden in the body, simple aerodynamic details and only a large trapezoid of additional air intakes are covered with a black decorative grille. Below you can find a protective insert made of lightweight plastic.

The new body shape doesn’t look too bulky or fancy. The sides begin with a sloping roof with small chrome bars. Below is a very dense and very large glass, arranged in the form of a teardrop.

The windows have the finest glossy black finish and are separated by wide shelves, designed in the same style as the eaves. Closer to the front is a large round mirror with a turn signal repeater. Below begins a smooth relief transition, limited only by a wide skirt and large wheel arches with luxurious trim inside.

The back feels a little lighter than steel. It starts with a slender wing, but is loaded with a central brake repeater. These details include a high-angle rounded visor, just below the tinted wide lights, a pure German-style relief, and a simple body kit where you can only find reflectors and plastic inserts with an exhaust hole right at the bottom.


The interior of the 2020 Volkswagen Nivus New Year is made in the best traditions of the brand, although it does not differ in luxury. Finishing materials of good quality fabrics, leathers and plastics of the two types are very reminiscent of what can be seen in the Polo model, but the entertainment center and seats are slightly different for added comfort.

Control And Management

Volkswagen’s cheapest crossover center console looks simple and compact, including because it doesn’t have any physical buttons except for the emergency ring activator. The top row of panels, together with reflectors, is occupied by a large multimedia touch screen. Below it are two more reflectors, and then a touch screen for working with the air conditioner.

Below it begins a short, narrow tunnel, where there is space for several compartments for glassware, a canvas with a rather large gear selector on the head, and a simple armrest in the abdomen where you can find another compartment.

The steering wheel has an ergonomic shape and a large number of buttons on the side of the knitting needle. This practically does not impede access to the virtual digital instrument panel, which is very useful and convenient for perception.


Volkswagen Nivus 2021 can accommodate five people at once, each seated in a seat trimmed with soft fabric or leather, its ergonomic shape and soft filling. The two front seats will get high-quality lateral support, heated and power steering to change positions.

The rear sofa is spacious enough to accommodate three adult drivers who can slightly reposition the backrest or tilt the center armrest without a passenger sitting in the middle.

The luggage compartment capacity is considered average: in the “line” state, it can accommodate a little more than 410 liters of cargo.


Under the hood of the 2021 Volkswagen Nivus there will be a liter Polo sedan with a return of 116 soldiers on gasoline and 128 on ethanol. The possibility of installing a turbine increases this figure to 130 “horses” using conventional fuels. The car will be front-wheel drive non-alternative, but the gearbox can be selected as either a six-speed manual or “automatic” with the same number of gears.

Volkswagen Nivus 2021 Engine

If you believe in the test drive, the car will accelerate well and drive around the city or highway, showing very low fuel consumption in 6 liters in the combined cycle. However, for off-road driving data, an SUV is definitely not enough.

Options And Prices

The price of the new 2021 Volkswagen Nivus is not entirely known, but auto experts suggest that it will start at $ 16,000.

Release Day

In Latin America, the 2021 Volkswagen Nivus will debut this summer, arriving in Europe early next year in 2021.

Competitive Models

The closest competitors to the 2021 Volkswagen Nivus are Renault Captur, Skoda Kamik, Toyota C-HR, and also Hyundai Venue.

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2023 Volkswagen Nivus Electric Exterior Ev Expected Gt Black
2023 Volkswagen Nivus Electric Exterior Ev Expected Gt Black

2023 Volkswagen Nivus News

The German automaker is preparing to expand its portfolio with a new crossover model. One model that’s been getting a lot of attention lately is the all-new 2021 VW Nivus, and this little crossover promises to be compact and attractive at first glance. The manufacturer revealed that this crossover will be developed first in South America and will later be available in other markets, including the European one. In general, the official debut of the new Nivus is scheduled for late spring and we have some new pictures.

As you can see at a glance, the upcoming 2021 Volkswagen Nivus uses Volkswagen’s famous design language, which also appears on many models. In addition, the Nivus crossover will use VW’s popular MQB platform and will be significantly smaller in dimensions than the Tiguan. From many locations in Brazil, this new crossover will measure a wheelbase of 100 inches.

However, as we can see, the exterior design of the Nivus is largely identical to that of the T-Cross. First, the front end of the Nivus with integrated LED daytime running lights, elegantly decorated with a stylish front grille and a horizontal chrome frame, dominates. In addition, the new images reveal 17-inch alloy wheels, a sloping roofline, and plenty of black elements (front grille, door handles, mirrors, roof rails, aluminum wheels).

Inside Rumors

In the name of Volkswagen, the upcoming crossover will be elegant and sporty on the inside. The manufacturer will use roughly the same technology as the T-Roc. Therefore, thanks to him we can expect a lot of high-quality materials and great comfort. The list of official equipment will be longer than any crossover in the same class, that’s for sure.

In general, an impressive multimedia system, a start-up system and a remotely unlocked tailgate will be the main weapons of this SUV. The image also shows a large infotainment screen on the dashboard. This screen will provide LTE connectivity as well as a Wi-Fi hotspot. Additionally, officials claim that this small crossover will be packed with safety technology. However, they did not release any information.

2021 VW Nivus Powertrain Options

As mentioned earlier, the upcoming 2021 VW Nivus will be based on the popular MQB platform. In addition, thanks to it, we can assume wide engine options. Several Brazilian websites claim that the base engine will be available with a 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine producing 114 horsepower. This engine is equipped with a six-speed manual gearbox as standard.

However, the next engine will use the new DSG system. This model will be able to produce 126 horsepower from the small turbocharged engine. Both versions will transmit power through the front-wheel drive system. 4Motion will not be available this time as an option.

Release Date And Price

The all-new 2021 VW Nivus compact crossover will be available for the first time in the South American market and will be built at the Anchieta plant in Brazil. Finally, we can also expect this model to debut in Europe. According to officials, the European model will be manufactured at the VW plant in Spain. The price is still too early to predict, but from many claims, it will be much lower than we expected.