2023 Nissan Versa 2020 Note 2019 2021 Hatchback
2023 Nissan Versa 2020 Note 2019 2021 Hatchback

2023 Nissan Versa Release Date Price And Redesign

2023 Nissan Versa. Given its history of being sluggish and powerless in past years, the new Versa must be properly regulated for some provisions. However, the Versa is the cheapest car in the US, and as one might expect, all of the cost-cutting tactics result in a terrible car in terms of quality and performance. More than that, considering that Nissan just developed the 2020 Versa as an all-new car that is no longer at the bottom of food demand while being inexpensive.

A lot has changed and the new Nissan Versa 2023 has found a new place among those who have moved on to get their first new car. When the car is not focused on sport, it is focused on a very reasonable and reasonable price. For 2023, we don’t all expect any changes to be made. The Versa is an affordable car as well as rivals such as the Kia Rio, Hyundai Emphasize and Mitsubishi Mirage G4.

2023 Nissan Versa Design

The new Nissan Versa 2023 is available in three trims. The base model is offered in both a CVT gearbox and a 5 Speed ​​Handbook. The other two models, the SV and SR, are only equipped with a CVT transmission. While the SV offers more “luxury” characteristics, the SR is sportier. We recommend choosing an SV cover. This is the everyday car owner equipped with more comfort and convenience options that differ from the base model. The SR Series flagship offers a sporty look but isn’t worth the extra price.

2023 Nissan Versa Interior

The new Nissan Versa 2023 believes it is very safe and excellent at the price point. The supplies are not of high quality, as the type of plastic is challenged from time to time. Smooth contact material is also not much. Basic design has nothing to offer you. The design is also useful and the control buttons are close to the driver. The larger trim has faux leather trims sewn into the dashboard, which makes it feel superior. The dashboard design is very attractive, modern and efficient.

The base piece features a two-way adjustable driver’s seat with a height-adjustable front backrest. Also, the passenger seat can be personally adjusted 4 ways. Even higher trims offer the same, but no faux leather seating. You can control the faux leather material. Manual air conditioner. The hallway row is very spacious with plenty of extra legroom. However, the same cannot be said for the back row, because it is very narrow. Tall adults won’t feel safe for a while. In general, the Versa has a comfortable engine and the interior quality is also very good.

Nissan Versa Exterior 2023

The new Nissan Versa 2023 has been completely restyled for 2020 and the 2023 model will also look the same. Just being a compact sedan, it doesn’t have a rugged or rugged look. Although it looks charming and bold with the angular front fascia and the different headlights. The grille has a V-shaped vintage case with a narrow lower side like other Nissan vehicles.

On the sides are muscular lines of the body that pass through them. The windows of the house are also very modern. The rear taillights are curved and distinctive as well. The taillights finish also looks like a pointed arrowhead. All around, they have a very beautiful and iconic design. Nissan has done a great job making sure the Versa doesn’t look dull anymore.

New Nissan Safety 2023

The Nissan Versa 2023 was flawless in terms of ratings and protection tests. It has a 5-star rating from the NHTSA and although IIHS hasn’t fully analyzed it, we count on it for success in this review as well. Since the 2023 model won’t make any new changes to the dining table, we can count on the protection results to stay exactly the same.

Our Nissan position can’t be predicted by offering a lot of in-car safety features at a price. The Versa is engineered with Nissan’s ProPILOT support technology innovation. There are many safety and driver assistance features today that we wouldn’t expect from a cheap car.

2023 Nissan Versa Engine

Versa’s comprehensive range includes a one-stop-shop solution for just one machine, to produce essential items, but in addition, limit your options. The 1.6L inline-4 engine is at the heart of the Japanese sedan and produces 122 horsepower and 114 pound-feet of torque, both very low numbers. However, when compared to the previous era, the Nissan Versa 2023 is sure to win the race. The engine is mated to a five-stage manual transmission as standard, but you can upgrade to a CVT. Energy is transferred to the intake frame.

The engine does not spin high and does not provide an exciting experience on the highway. Nissan places more emphasis on economy as an alternative to power, although it takes 9.7 seconds to reach 60 mph in comfort. The Versa is designed to be handy and get you from point A to position B, without wasting a lot of your money on gas. CVT is not as bad as many people think.

This is where the Versa really shines. The Versa’s engine has been nicely upgraded to deliver 32/40 mpg city/highway. In fact, you get 40 mpg when driving a vehicle on the road! Combined, this saves about 35 miles per gallon, which is pretty cool. This data is for CVT. Choosing a guide will get you closer to 27/35/30 miles per gallon. It’s best to get a CVT because you help save a lot of gas costs.

With an aquarium volume of 10.8 gallons, the new Nissan Versa 2023 comes in the 345/432/378ml area/highway/combined range, a very important build in a modest affordable sedan. Getting the brochure will save you 291/378/324 city/highway/combined miles, which is fine anyway.

2023 Nissan Versa Release Date And Price

We expect the prices to be almost exactly the same. Not much, although the price could go up a bit. Currently, the new 2023 Nissan Versa pick starts at $15,930 for an S trim and can change all ways up to $19,340 for an SR trim. Center, SV, costs $18,740. Undoubtedly, this is not the most affordable car in America.

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2023 Nissan Versa 2020 Note 2019 2021 Hatchback
2023 Nissan Versa 2020 Note 2019 2021 Hatchback

2023 Nissan Versa Update

The new Nissan Versa is a compact car that offers comfort and a small outdoor space. With no major changes ahead for 2023, we think today will be as good as going to your local dealer and having it checked out. The Rogue, Pathfinder, Frontier and Rogue Sport all got major redesigns, so we don’t think Nissan will spend any real energy changing otherwise for 2023 other than a few minor trimming or options tweaks.

The Nissan Versa is entering its model year, fresh from a dramatic redesign in 2020. Today the Versa is smaller than the previous two generations in terms of upgrades and features. The compact sedan is no longer the cheapest car on the market, but it still compliments the lowest price category, and it does so by offering buyers plenty of cars for the money.

2023 Nissan Versa Design

The Versa borrows stylistic elements from Nissan’s larger sedan, including the V-shaped grille, chiseled chisels, and a slim rear spoiler. Back seat space has always been a feature, especially with today’s designs. Five can travel in legitimate comfort, and the trunk has a very respectable 14.7 cubic feet.

Inside, buyers will find a 7-inch touch screen, three USB ports and a start button. The mid-level SV and SR are equipped with satellite radio, voice control, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. To add a sense of luxury, the SR offers premium cloth upholstery, a leather-wrapped steering wheel surround and shift knobs.

Nissan Versa Engine

The relay 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine has been updated in 2020 to reduce emissions and improve fuel economy and performance. Output remains at 122 horsepower and 114 lb-ft of torque. The base Model S starts with a five-speed manual transmission, although most buyers opt for a continuously variable transmission (CVT), which is standard on other models. The CVT-equipped Versa achieved EPA ratings of 32 mpg city, 40 mpg highway, and 35 combined. Manually, the rating slides to 27/35/30 mpg (city/highway/combined).

Safety Versa Nissan

The Nissan Safety Shield 360 security system continues to be used as standard. All models have front and rear automatic emergency braking, lane departure alerts, blind spot monitoring with rear cross traffic alerts, and auto height. The mid-level SV and top-of-the-line SR also get driver-alert monitors and rear-seat reminders. Adaptive roaming controls remain exclusive to SR. It is rare to find a standard level of driver assistance feature in this segment, even in vehicles of the aforementioned price category. While the previous generation Versa grew at the lowest price, the Versa currently excels in overall value.

Fuel Economy

The Versa 2023 offers an EPA rating of 32 mpg city and 40 mpg highway when equipped with a CVT. The entry-level Versa with brochures has a much worse figure, with a city estimate of 27 mpg and 35 highway. We tested the auto-equipped Versa on our fuel-efficient 75-mph highway, which is part of our extensive test regimen, producing 40 mpg.

The interior of the reverse no longer looks like a children’s play area. It uses a gentle material throughout and has a soft-touch surface on the door and dashboard. While Nissan doesn’t offer leather upholstery and power-adjustable upholstery here, the most luxurious models can be had with heated front seats, leather-wrapped steering wheels and shift knobs. The mid-level SV unlocks some standard features you’ll want, like a driver’s seat-mounted armrest and a digital display in the instrument panel, while the top-level Versa SR offers automatic climate control and passive hands-free entry, with remote start.

The rear seat can comfortably seat two adults but has less legroom than the older Versa. The sedan has a handy cube in the center console, and we were able to fit six hand luggage in the trunk; The new Versa features a 7.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system with buttons and hand knobs. However, only the SV and SR levels have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration.

We found that the CarPlay interface responded better to our feedback during our evaluation period than the car’s regular menu. Each Versa has three USB ports and voice command capabilities, but anyone who wants the ability to listen to SiriusXM satellite radio should sound above the base model.

2023 Nissan Versa Release Date And Price

An official release date hasn’t been announced yet, but a fall 2022 release is expected. We expect Versa 2023 pricing to be announced this summer. Versa currently has a range of $15,855 to $19,265 including destinations.


The main competitors of Versa are Hyundai Accent, Kia Rio and Mitsubishi Mirage G4.

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2023 Nissan Versa For Sale Versas S Price Used
2023 Nissan Versa For Sale Versas S Price Used

2023 Nissan Versa News

The all-new Nissan Versa 2022 will continue its journey. While Ford and other manufacturers left the sedan segment, Nissan continued to operate. However, the Versa isn’t the only sedan in Nissan’s lineup. Altima and Sentra are also available. The Versa is a compact sedan that comes with a spacious interior and versatility.

You’ll hardly find such a small car in a segment that feels spacious. The cargo capacity is quite large, along with legroom. This car produces great power, and offers two gearbox options. You can also count on a variety of technical assistance and driver assistance. We can expect a new version of the Versa later this year.

Same Engine Power Model As Nissan Kicks

As before, the new 2022 Nissan Versa will share the platform with the Nissan Kicks model. Matching wheelbase. For the same reason, the engine is the same. It’s a 1.6-liter four-cylinder with an optional CVT automatic transmission. A 5-speed manual gearbox is still offered as standard. This engine produces 122 horsepower and 115 lb-ft of torque.

Versa 2022 Exterior Restyle

Visually, the upcoming 2022 Nissan Versa will receive a restyling. The new model will look amazing for its class, no doubt. For starters, the small sedan will have a sloping hood design. The front end is fitted with the iconic V-Motion grille and new headlights. His body looked sharper than before, and there were more wrinkles. Thanks to it, the aerodynamics is improved.

Moreover, the floating ceiling design is present and visible in a jiffy. However, the entry-level Versa looks cheap and lacks the more elegant cues. The upper, on the other hand, looks much straighter with new wheels and the latest cosmetic upgrades.

Interior Specifications

Like we said, the best part of the 2022 Nissan Versa is its interior space. Versa is one of the most spacious models in the secondary compression segment. The cabin is equally spacious in the back. Rear passengers can enjoy ample legroom, just like the front passengers. The storage space is also quite spacious, so you don’t have to worry about putting things behind the back seat. The crossover is a much more practical vehicle, but the Versa makes it clear that you can still benefit from a sedan. The interior uses a lot of plastic trim, so the cabin looks cheap.

On the other hand, the top-level decoration with leather upholstery and the two-tone interior looks more luxurious. For 2022, the Versa will get a new infotainment system, more driver assistance features and minor changes to the dashboard. When it comes to security systems, Versa offers a lot of them. This includes pedestrian detection, emergency braking, lane departure warning, and rear cross traffic warning.

Nissan Versa 2022 Price And Release Date

Nissan has not announced exact pricing details. However, the new model will be slightly more expensive, at around $18,500. The 2022 Nissan Versa will go on sale this summer. You can expect it later this summer as a 2022 model. The main competitors are still Toyota Yaris, Chevy Sonic and Hyundai Accent. Versa will return to Canada.