2023 Lucid Gravity Crossover Range Specs Release Date Cost
2023 Lucid Gravity Crossover Range Specs Release Date Cost

2023 Lucid Gravity Release Date Price And Redesign

2023 Lucid Gravity. Lucid Motors will unveil a new SUV after presenting the stunning Air Sedan. For the time being, the impending Lucid Gravity 2022 is only an idea. The name is still unknown. Because this notion is referred to as “Project Gravity,” we may presume that Gravity is the most likely consequence. The Gravity SUV, unsurprisingly, shares many components with the Air Sedan.

This means that the upcoming SUV will offer plenty of power and a large battery for impressive driving ranges. Of course, the SUV variant will offer more space and most likely a higher level of comfort. The entire electric vehicle segment is growing with models such as the Audi e-Tron, Tesla Model X and Jaguar I-Pace available. The Lucid Gravity SUV will hit dealerships in the second half of 2021.

2023 Lucid Gravity Design

The upcoming 2023 Lucid Gravity will be wider and taller than the Air sedan. However, it will come with a skateboard geometry with the same wheelbase. This means that the two Lucid modules should be roughly the same length. The Gravity will definitely have some off-road features, so we can assume that this SUV will be more than just an off-road vehicle capable of delivering plenty of power. So far, we’ve seen the teaser picture.

While the front and back are obscured, the Gravity will definitely carry the same signature light as the Air Variant. It is very important for every manufacturer to provide similar designs to build a recognizable design language. The Gravity SUV will get a larger front intake hatch and a larger piece of glass that connects the windshield and roof. The back will get a very large one-piece backlight, and it will look amazing.

2023 Lucid Gravity Interior

The new 2023 Lucid Gravity will offer plenty of luxury inside. The Air sedan looks amazing from the inside, so we can assume that the SUV will get a better interior. The cabin design will remain, but the SUV version will offer more touchscreen controls, a larger glass roof, and more passenger space. The gravity model will be filled with high-quality materials, including leather upholstery and wood and metallic accents.

In terms of technology, the Gravity will offer a large digital instrument cluster, smartphone connectivity and plenty of driver assistance. Standard and optional touchscreens are still a mystery at this point, but we should expect a large unit with a great interface.

2023 Lucid Gravity Engine

We don’t expect the Lucid Gravity 2023 to deviate from its sedan sibling. Thanks to that, the approaching SUV will get a twin-engine with standard AWD and power up to 1080 hp. Like the Air sedan, the top model will get more power, while the lower-range model will get less output. Lucid offers adjustable air suspension and ride comfort that should be exceptional.

The Air Sedan delivers 517 miles per charge thanks to a large 113 kWh battery pack. Gravity is higher, and the aerodynamics aren’t that impressive, so the driving range will definitely go down. However, its electric range will be longer than that offered by the Tesla Model X.

2023 Lucid Gravity Release Date And Price

While the Air Sedan costs about $80,000, the new 2023 Lucid Gravity SUV will cost more. However, the price is not available yet. We think the higher-priced Dream Edition will cost close to $200,000. It is a luxury SUV with great performance, so the high price is reasonable. The release date is unknown, but the Gravity SUV may hit the market in late 2021.

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2023 Lucid Gravity Crossover Range Specs Release Date Cost
2023 Lucid Gravity Crossover Range Specs Release Date Cost

2023 Lucid Gravity Update

Under the codename Project Gravity, the Lucid SUV will hit the market in 2023 as a large luxury electric crossover. The Gravity will be the electric startup’s second model, built on the same electric platform as the Lucid Air sedan, but with three rows of seats to accommodate up to seven passengers. Leveraging the Lucid Electric Advanced Platform (LEAP), we expect the Gravity to feature a powertrain similar to that of the Air, with outputs of 480, 620, 800 and 1080 horsepower coming from twin electric motors driving all four wheels.

With the added weight and size of the Lucid SUV, we expect performance to improve quite a bit, with the 0-60 mph sprint appearing to be a little more than the Air’s 2.5-second blast and top speed likely under 168 mph on the most powerful model. Electric driving range is also likely to be affected, but electric driving range is expected to be affected at 400 miles for the base model and just under 500 miles on the top-end models, while the 300 kW fast charging capability will ensure up to 300 miles range can be restored in Only 20 minutes.

Like the Air, we expected the Lucid Gravity to debut in four models: the Gravity, Gravity Touring, Gravity Grand Touring, and Gravity Dream Edition, but prices will likely be higher than the Air sedan, which ranges in price from $69,900 to $161,500 including a maximum of $7,500 in tax credits. Gravity will primarily target the Tesla Model X.

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2023 Lucid Gravity Suv Interior Car Pictures Price Available
2023 Lucid Gravity Suv Interior Car Pictures Price Available

2023 Lucid Gravity News

Lucid has confirmed that its Air sedan electric successor is ready for launch in late 2023. The Gravity Crossover is based on the same Lucid Electric Advanced Platform (LEAP) platform as the Air, not surprisingly. The company says that the range for the new model should be more than 400 miles, which translates to just over 650 kilometers.

Lucid VP of Design Derek Jenkins has gone to great lengths to explain the vehicle’s exact mission when speaking to Automotive News, saying consumers shouldn’t expect a rugged, all-terrain cruiser ready, “rock crawler” in the CEO’s words. In contrast, the Lucid Gravity is designed as a luxury suburban crossover that uses purely electric power. It will feature “strong, durable” and “respectable ground clearance,” according to Jenkins, but it’s still primarily designed for use in paved environments.

Early teaser images of the model show the aerodynamic sedan’s clear proportions, and while the attraction is expected to be greater than its stablecoin counterpart, it will likely be only slightly longer. Jenkins hinted to Automotive News that the crossover in its final version could be more luxurious out of the air.

In any case, the Gravity will stand out in the premium electric SUV scene with its 1,080-hp powertrain, which is generated by twin electric motors (an optional third motor will increase power to 1,300 hp).

The second Air model is still two years away, but the Air is already looking forward to another addition to its entry-level lineup. Last year, there was speculation that an electric pickup truck was in the works. Now, Talk is also the second platform under development, which will allow the company to produce a range of electric cars at affordable prices.