2023 Infiniti Qx55 2022 Price 2021 Interior Release Date
2023 Infiniti Qx55 2022 Price 2021 Interior Release Date

2023 Infiniti QX55 Release Date Price And Redesign

2023 Infiniti QX55. The Infiniti QX55 premium compact SUV will be released in 2023, using the same basis as its sister model, the QX50. This vehicle, which is new to the Infiniti portfolio, emphasizes athletic design. Overall, you shouldn’t expect any significant differences from the QX50, but you should be able to notice them on the road. The biggest difference between the two vehicles is the lower roofline and tapered tail, which gives the Infiniti QX55 a more thrilling appearance.

Performance is enthusiastic, and under the hood, this SUV uses a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 268 horsepower. It’s also mated to a continuously variable automatic transmission and all-wheel drive (AWD).

2023 Infiniti QX55 Design

The design of the 2023 Infiniti QX55 will vary slightly depending on the trim level. Buyers will be able to choose from Deluxe, Basic and Sensual levels. In general, even the basic Luxe class offers a lot of standard equipment. Like the EQX50 model, the QX55 is on the same platform, with similar design cues. However, as mentioned, the main differences between the models are the lower roofline and tapered tail. Thanks to that, the QX55 looks sharper than the Infiniti QX50.

2023 Infiniti QX55 Interior

Like the exterior, the interior is also similar to the QX50. However, since the QX55 is a coupe-like crossover, there’s less storage space due to its sloping roof. In fact, with the rear seats folded, you’ll get roughly 54.1 cubic feet versus the QX50’s 60.

As standard equipment, the upcoming SUV comes with a dual-screen infotainment system. The upper screen is for navigation and control compatible with smartphones only, while the lower screen is for temperature and media input. Apple CarPlay wireless and Android Auto are standard, along with some electronic driver assistance features. The QX55 includes Blind Spot Warning, Forward Collision Warning with Pedestrian Detection and Automatic Emergency Braking.

2023 Infiniti QX55 Engine

Under the hood of the 2023 Infiniti QX55 is a turbocharged engine that has been proven to produce a lot of power. The QX55 is powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 268 horsepower. It also uses a continuously variable automatic transmission and all-wheel drive (AWD).

The QX50 is also offered with the same engine, but with front-wheel drive. Of course, all-wheel drive is optional. The QX55’s maximum winch capacity can be approximately 3,000 pounds with the optional winch package. Unfortunately, fuel economy has not been evaluated by the Environmental Protection Agency. In general, we expect this model to be more economical than its brother.

2023 Infiniti QX55 Release Date And Price

The new 2023 Infiniti QX55 will come sometime next year, with an estimated starting price of around $47,000 for an entry-level Luxe. Compared to the base QX50, that’s about $8000 more. As mentioned, both models share the same platform, powertrain, and many standard features.

Overall, this was a big financial move, especially with the fully loaded QX55 coming in at $57,000. After all, the QX55 still costs thousands of dollars less than competitors such as the BMW X4 and Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe.

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2023 Infiniti Qx55 Engine Model Cost Changes Price
2023 Infiniti Qx55 Engine Model Cost Changes Price

2023 Infiniti QX55 Update

Infiniti is preparing for the next step in its crossover and SUV evolution. Well, it’s not new to see this car manufacturer produce an SUV coupe. The QX70 was discontinued a few years ago, and now a similar platform supports the Infiniti QX55 2023. It wasn’t long between the first teaser and the world premiere of the newcomer. The Japanese manufacturer surprised its fans and fans with a photo of a crossover coupe SUV. Intel reports that the new member of the lineup will be based on the QX50 or QX60. The alphanumeric designation refers to the location of the QX55 itself.

Infiniti QX55 2023 Redesign

His style attracts the market. Fans are delighted with the new look of the car. Others call it the Fastback, or the QX50 with its sloped roofline. Well, there are indeed many similarities, but the Infiniti QX55 2023 is not just a modification of its older brother. The two share architecture, but the design inspiration must come from an old FX concept. The crossover is more aggressive due to the bold grille and large 20-inch alloy wheels. The engineers decided to use a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine.

Under The Tent

For now, the Infiniti QX55 2023 will get power from a single unit. It is a 2.0-liter four-cylinder petrol engine with a turbocharger. Compared to the competition, the crossover will be more powerful. The unit is good for 268 hp and the power is sent via a CVT transmission. All-wheel drive is standard on luxury coupe crossovers. The chassis line brings better airflow, but that won’t make the QX55 any faster. The car accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in 6.4 seconds. The QX50 performs the same acceleration in 6.1 seconds. The first impression shows that the engine is not noisy. At least the sound does not reach the cabin. The acceleration is clear and drivers do not complain about the turbo deceleration.

In the future, the company will bring more options. We hope to see a hybrid drive soon. However, engineers will have a difficult task – to maintain high productivity and increase mileage. On the other hand, the Ariya, a concept previewed by owner Infiniti Nissan, is an interesting platform that will lead to more electric crossovers. Besides the Rogue, we can also see the QX55 EV. However, this will not happen in the next few years.

2023 Infiniti Qx55 Equipment

Three trim levels are available for the new crossover coupe. The entry version is Luxe and that really makes the 2023 Infiniti QX55 so luxurious. Faux leather seats and dark interior trims make the cabin elegant and comfortable. Front buckets are heated up and the QX55 is equipped with active noise cancellation. The main highlight of the infotainment system is 6 speakers and four USB ports.

2023 Infiniti QX55 Powertrain

The base model is the best value proposition. This set adds navigation and a comprehensive camera view. Cooling has been added to the seats and Bose has introduced a 16-speaker audio system. Optionally, you can increase security with the ProAssist plan. Adaptive cruise control and blind spot monitoring have been added. The Infiniti QX55 Sensory 2023 offers the most advanced options for crossovers. Everything is on the next level. Semi-aniline leather replaces synthetic leather, Bose uses the Performance Series to deliver a stunning audio system, and ProPilot offers more standalone functionality. Eventually, the crossover may reach level 4.

Infiniti Qx55 2023 Price

The Infiniti QX55 2023 is very expensive. The base MSRP won’t start at less than $47,000, which makes it more expensive than the QX60 SUV. Well, this is the first version and the price will drop a little later. Meanwhile, experts expect the basic model to add about $9,000 and the price of the sensory device could go up to $60,000 in its basic form. Hybrids and other improvements will take it well beyond this mark.

The QX55 is considered official, although the company has not yet started selling the crossover. It will happen soon, maybe in the next few months. Next, expect to see the all-new QX80 luxury full-size SUV based on the Monograph concept. The redesigned QX60 uses the same platform.


The competition in the coupe category is not quite as high as on the standard chassis. However, the company makes much more than that, and Infiniti is the latest manufacturer to join the fray. The most popular models come from Germany. The Porsche Macan is the high-end version, although Mercedes can battle the ultra-luxury crossover with the GLC, by updating it with the AMG package. The BMW X4 is the mechanical twin of the X3. Both could soon become electric vehicles.

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2023 Infiniti Qx55 Concept Review Specs New For Sale
2023 Infiniti Qx55 Concept Review Specs New For Sale

2023 Infiniti QX55 News

New Infiniti QX55 2023 confirmed for next year. This model will be positioned between the QX50 and Infiniti QX60 SUVs. In fact, the new QX55 design will be based on the QX50. The upcoming model will appear with a more distinctive and sporty appearance, followed by a larger cabin and more safety. According to a new teaser image, the QX55 is ready to compete with rivals such as the BMW X4 and Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupe.

Some rumors suggest that the upcoming SUV may have the same engine as the Infiniti QX50. Overall, QX50 models are powered by a turbocharged 2.0-liter variable-pressure engine that produces 268 horsepower. In addition, this powertrain is very fuel efficient.

Powertrain Specifications

According to some reports, the Infiniti QX55 2023 will be powered by the same engine as the QX50. As we already wrote, this model comes with a very fuel-efficient 2.0-liter inline-turbo engine. However, under the QX50 model, this engine produces 268 horsepower and 280 pound-feet of torque.

Keep in mind that the QX55 is a new model; We can even expect more production and better fuel consumption. Current QX50 models offer EPA city/highway fuel savings of 24/31 mpg for front-wheel drive and 24/30 mpg for all-wheel drive systems. Also, at this point, we’re not sure if Infiniti will opt for the FWD-CVT package or the AWD system alone. Also, some rumors suggest that we may also see a hybrid or electric variant in the near future.

Guaranteed To Have A Fresh New Look

In terms of design, the Infiniti 2023 QX55 sports a coupe-style according to the preview image. The same design is also used on SUVs such as the X6 and GLC Coupe.

Looking at the exciting photos, the new model also reveals that its roofline is more coupe-like than any other SUV. Thanks to this, the Infiniti QX55 coupe will be a mid-size crossover that will definitely get more space inside. In addition, a short windshield and a large rear spoiler for the roof give this SUV a sporty look.

Infiniti Qx55 2023 Modern Interior

Infiniti has not released any information regarding the cabin. From some speculation, the new Infiniti QX55 2023 will borrow some technology and materials from its older brother, the QX60. It will likely feature improved bucket-style seats that provide great comfort.

The new QX55 will be larger than the QX50, and it will definitely offer better charging space. Coupe versions like the X6 lack space in the back, and that won’t be the case with the new model. This, flat steering wheel, Infiniti In Touch infotainment system, and Bose Sound system will be part of this SUV.

Infiniti Qx55 2023 Price And Release Date

The price of the Infiniti QX55 2023 has not yet been announced. We can assume that this number of models will be placed between the QX50 and QX60 models. Therefore, the starting price for a new SUV should be between $39,000 to $41,000. The upcoming QX55 2023 will be available for sale after the new QX50 is released sometime in 2022.