2023 Hyundai Terracan Exterior Review Lease Interior Specs
2023 Hyundai Terracan Exterior Review Lease Interior Specs

2023 Hyundai Terracan Release Date Price And Redesign

2023 Hyundai Terracan. The current status of the automobile market is quite particular. On the other side, we have a fast expanding crossover market that is larger than ever before. However, there is a tiny number of real ATV fans who prefer the old-fashioned drawer frame style. So it’s no surprise that vehicles like the Toyota 4Runner are more popular than ever, and Ford has reintroduced the classic Bronco. If we trust the recent rumours, Hyundai will do the same as Ford and bring back the Terracan. According to reports, the next model will be known as the Hyundai Terracan 2023.

At this point, it’s just a rumor, but it’s a rumor that gets louder every day. If it does arrive, we have no doubt it will use the same design approach as the original model, which was produced during the 2000s. However, this time Hyundai will design the entire model itself.

2023 Hyundai Terracan Design

If you’re old enough to remember the original Terracan, you probably know that this is the original BoF SUV, which is very unusual for a company focused more on passenger cars and crossover operations. Logically, Hyundai did not have the time and energy to develop its own platform, so the solution came from Japan. This model is mostly based on Mitsubishi Pajero. It features the same ladder chassis but we can’t say it’s a complete copy of the legendary off-road vehicle. Instead, Hyundai installed its own engine, introducing an entirely new interior style and design.

This time, Hyundai may have to do it all on its own. Mitsubishi no longer makes original SUVs, while we don’t think anyone else would want to share the technology with Hyundai at this time. Therefore, most reports indicate that the Korean manufacturer will build its own BoF chassis, which will eventually be used for the new pickup truck as well.

2023 Hyundai Terracan Exterior

When it comes to exterior design, the first thing that comes to mind is size. What we expect are typical dimensions for a mid-size segment. We assume the 4Runner will be used as inspiration, given the popularity of Toyota SUVs. Therefore, the dimensions will be the same, as will the general external design.

That means a fairly robust look, with a clear focus on off-road performance. After all, even the rendering image shows a design heavily influenced by Japanese off-road vehicles. Of course, Hyundai will give it its own character and we’ll see implementation of the brand’s latest design language, with sporty front-facing headlights similar to those seen on the Kona. The rest of the body will come in the manner typical of an SUV, with high ground clearance, big tires, good approach and departure angles, etc.

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2023 Hyundai Terracan Interior

Speaking of interior design, it is still too early to talk about something more subtle. On the other hand, we can speculate on the overall layout. As you probably know, typical BoF SUV buyers don’t see this model as a family business, so the third row isn’t a priority. Therefore, we assume that the standard model will come with two rows of seats, while the third will be offered as an option, and perhaps it will not be very spacious. On the other hand, the charging area should definitely offer a respectable number. We assume that something between 80 and 90 cubic feet would be fine.

2023 Hyundai Terracan Automatic Chrome Workshop Problems
2023 Hyundai Terracan Automatic Chrome Workshop Problems

Other than that, we don’t expect the dashboard to look as elegant as it does on the new Santa Fe or Palisade. Instead, we’d prefer to see more plastic and less soft-to-the-touch materials, which will increase overall durability and functionality. However, we rely on a plethora of tech and other features, while some high-end trim levels can look very luxurious.

2023 Hyundai Terracan Engine

Given the rugged nature of the SUV, we wouldn’t expect potential buyers to care much about reliability. Having said that, we do not see the Hyundai Terracan 2023 with a turbo engine. Instead, we’re sure it’ll come with a 3.8-liter V6, powering the Palisade. This engine puts out about 290 horsepower and appears to be a perfect match for a car of this size and weight. Additionally, we expect this engine to also use the same 8-speed automatic transmission.

Assuming that the new 2023 Hyundai Terracan will be presented in different parts of the world, there is no reason why we should not see the diesel version on the show as well. The machine will be introduced in markets such as Europe, Australia, etc.

2023 Hyundai Terracan Release Date And Price

Despite reports that it will arrive already next year, the truth is that the 2023 Hyundai Terracan is still just a rumor and the officials are still silent. Assuming one day the base model will run around $35,000.

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2023 Hyundai Terracan Forum Sensor Motor Seating Offroad
2023 Hyundai Terracan Forum Sensor Motor Seating Offroad

2023 Hyundai Terracan Update

Following reports that Hyundai might release a ladder-frame SUV, the designer envisioned what this vehicle might look like.

While Hyundai also builds a large Palisade-style SUV, it has a monocoque construction and lacks the off-road credentials of its ladder-style competitors including the Chevrolet Tahoe and Toyota Land Cruiser. This is where the Hyundai SUV will come in.

Dubbed the Terracan and designed by designer Enoch Gabriel Gonzales, this SUV is based on the Hyundai Tarlac pickup that the designer made a few months ago.

Since there are no prototypes of a potential Hyundai Ladder Frame SUV hanging around, it’s impossible to know what it will look like. However, the Gonzales styling does a good job of combining some familiar Hyundai styling elements with a more aggressive, aggressive design.

Up front, the Terracan features stylish headlights and daytime running lights as well as a separate grille and skid plate with two tow hooks, as well as a beautiful hood with air intakes.

The SUV’s durable design is particularly noted on the sides with off-road tires and an impressive height, but a variant with more road-focused tires was also offered. At the back, it has an attractive backlight with a “+” graphic and a light bar, as well as a sliding panel.

While a Hyundai executive acknowledged that such a vehicle would make sense for the group of automakers, it currently lacks a ladder frame structure to work with and will have to develop it from scratch — and even if it gets the go-ahead, we doubt it. It will look like this illustration.