2023 Genesis Gv90 G90 Hyundai Review Truck 2019
2023 Genesis Gv90 G90 Hyundai Review Truck 2019

2023 Genesis GV90 Release Date Price And Redesign

2023 Genesis GV90. The Korean luxury manufacturer is developing a number of electrified SUVs that will form the foundation of its future offers. The smaller GV60 is almost ready for release, and the business is also developing a new flagship model, which will most likely be known as the Genesis GV90 2023. It will be a huge SUV with an all-electric motor, representing the brand in the most elite SUV sector. The rivalry is strong.

At this point, the company keeps most details private. We don’t know what this new model will look like, and we don’t have any technical specifications. However, this does not mean that we should not speculate on the new design. In this article, we’ll look at some of the possibilities for the new luxury SUV, but be sure to take them all in precaution, since those in charge remain silent.

2023 Genesis GV90 Design

Genesis GV90 2023 will be the brand’s new flagship model. This is why expectations are high. At this point, we can speculate on several things, but one thing is for sure and that is the platform. To save on research and development costs, the Korean manufacturer will use the familiar E-GMP architecture, the same architecture already used for models such as the Kia EV6, and will be used in the upcoming GV60.

This means we can count on the familiar setup options regarding the powertrain and battery, although there’s a good chance we’ll see improvements in that aspect as well. For example, a larger mixture is currently fine for about 77 kWh, but we assume it can go up to 100 kWh with the new GV90.

When it comes to exterior design, the first thing that comes to mind is size. This will be the main model, so it is very clear that it will have full-size dimensions. Therefore, the wheelbase should be about 120 inches, which ensures plenty of space inside, combined with a smooth and comfortable ride.

On the other hand, his method remains a mystery. At this point, the best we can find is displaying images from independent authors. In their vision, the new Genesis GV90 2023 will feature the brand’s familiar design language, with design solutions very similar to those found in the G90 sedan. This mainly refers to the front end, which will come with the same grille design and the same design as the two-level headlights. However, we have no doubt that this new SUV will also come with many exclusive details, which will highlight its all-electric nature.

2023 Genesis GV90 Interior

The interior is also a mystery, but we doubt we can draw some inspiration from the G90 sedan. This mainly refers to the design of the dashboard, which can look very similar. That would be a great thing, considering that this big sedan comes with a very impressive dashboard design, which uses high-quality materials and has a very impressive build quality. Moreover, there is a long list of technical goodies, which should be even more impressive in the Genesis GV90 2023.

As mentioned earlier, the new SUV is expected to have a wheelbase of more than 120 inches. So, it’s not hard to conclude that everyone expects to see three rows of seats in this one seat. We expect even the third row to be roomy and practical, while the cargo area should also offer some respectable numbers.

2023 Genesis GV90 Engine

Details about the powertrain are still not available. However, we already mentioned that the 2023 Genesis GV90 will use the familiar E-GMP architecture, the same architecture that powers the new GV60. So, we might expect to see some similar setups, although we think this SUV will likely come standard with an AWD setup. The GV60 will be offered in a two-electric setup with a total output of 429 horsepower, so we might see the same setup in this SUV as well.

Also, we expect the Genesis GV90 2023 to come with a bigger battery. Most experts suggest a power of 100 kWh, which should guarantee a range of about 300 miles. Additionally, we rely on the various shipping options offered.

2023 Genesis GV90 Release Date And Price

At this point, it’s too early to talk about a launch date and price. However, some sources suggest that a new 2023 Genesis GV90 may hit the market next year. And it will compete with full-size SUVs such as BMW X7, Mercedes-Benz GLS, etc.

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2023 Genesis Gv90 G90 Hyundai Review Truck 2019
2023 Genesis Gv90 G90 Hyundai Review Truck 2019

2023 Genesis GV90 Update

The luxury brand Genesis continues to transition from a sedan-only brand to a more diverse lineup. The focus is, of course, on the electric and SUV segments that continue to grow. After introducing the flashy GV80 mid-size SUV, the brand is now working on a smaller GV70 model. However, there are indications that Hyundai’s premium sub-brand is considering a new full-size model. Dubbed the Genesis GV90, this SUV should be a replacement for the BMW X7 and Mercedes GLS.

Genesis currently has three sedans on the road, the G70, G80 and G90. The mid-size GV80 is the only SUV to wear the Genesis badge at the moment, but the luxury brand is promising three new, more powerful models by 2021. Next comes the compact GV70 and Genesis is calling the all-electric SUV its third. That makes the full-size seven-seat GV90 for those coming after 2021. Genesis has not yet commented on speculation about the GV90 model nor are there many details about its design.

Genesis GV90: Design

The premium sub-brand Hyundai has launched the first GV80 SUV with a special rear-wheel drive architecture called the M3. The upcoming GV70 in its compact size is based on a separate rear-wheel drive platform shared with the GV70 sedan. The third, all-electric Genesis SUV should be mid-size and based on the new electric platform.

For the reported full-size GV90, if Genesis applies the same recipe, the flagship SUV will have to share the platform with the new generation G90 sedan. The updated G90 is sold as a 2020 model and an all-new version will arrive sometime in 2023.

Speaking of style, the brand’s chief design officer said the new SUV will have the same DNA but a distinct visual identity. The new GV70 won’t be a small GV80 but the two models will share the brand’s signature design elements as evidenced by the spy shots. The GV90 should also have a unique, bulkier silhouette like every full-size SUV, but it should also share style cues with the latest Genesis models.

The Pioneer Genesis GV90 should have an upright stance and a high roofline. The front end will get the most implementation of the brand’s shield-style grille. The model should also have a quad front and rear headlights.

Interior And Equipment:

While the brand’s SUV style should have a unique charter, the model should have the same interior design. The GV90 will likely share a similar in-cab design with the new GV80. This model will also come with superior comfort, technology and safety features.

Models should adopt a horizontal and elegant dashboard design with a highly centered touch screen. There will also be plenty of luxury touches in the cabin. The GV90 will come in a seven-seater configuration and plenty of luggage space. This model will also complement the premium features of the entry-level version as well as the best security system.

Genesis GV90: Engines

In terms of powertrain, like other SUV brands, the Genesis GV90 can share components with the Genesis sedan. Therefore, a full-size SUV can use the powerful 5.0-liter V-8 engine. The current G90 sedan also uses a 3.3-liter turbocharged V-6 engine.

However, the GV90 SUV will have to switch to a completely new engine under development. The 365-horsepower 3.3-liter turbocharged V-6 should leave room for the new 3.5-liter unit, which is 10 more horses. The brand is also working on a new inline-6 ​​turbodiesel engine as a replacement for the existing V-6 unit.

Models should combine the engine and an 8-speed automatic transmission. There will be two four-wheel drive options. This model will also use an electronically controlled limited-slip differential and advanced suspension settings. Like the GV80, this model will also have adjustable suspension and different driving modes. The full-size Genesis SUV should also get an electric powertrain option.

Genesis GV90: Edition, Price

Genesis has not yet commented on the rumors about the new flagship GV90 SUV. The model should follow after the introduction of the new, all-electric GV70 compact and SUV likely sometime in 2023. The Genesis GV90 will challenge full-size luxury BMW and Mercedes SUVs, with prices starting at $70,000. Like other brands’ models, it should also offer one of the best-in-class warranty packages.

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2023 Genesis Gv90 Price Interior 2022 2021 Suv Precio
2023 Genesis Gv90 Price Interior 2022 2021 Suv Precio

2023 Genesis GV90 News

Genesis is brand new on US soil. It is a luxury subsidiary of Hyundai. So far, the company has unveiled the GV80 mid-size SUV, the premium version of the new Palisade. Work is also underway on the GV70 and GV60. This transit was spied on. However, fans know that the Korean automaker plans to compete with luxury full-size SUVs, such as the BMW X7 and Toyota Land Cruiser. The Genesis GV90 will be Hyundai’s representative in this segment.

We still don’t know anything about the Genesis GV90. Everything about the new SUV comes from speculation and theory. But it makes sense. Hyundai appears hungry to take a bigger slice of the market pie. Some people are skeptical about the full Genesis Project. Now, with the GV80 out, we have every right to expect another model. The GV90 will be the largest, but there is still doubt about which platform it will be on.

The Genesis GV90 should use V8 power. However, the parent company has not yet acquired this unit for its cars. Currently, the largest engine Hyundai offers is a 3.8-liter V6. That might suffice for a mid-size SUV class, but the full-size luxury model needs more capability. If they were to compete with the Toyota Land Cruiser, the engineers would have to prepare something close to 400 hp. If they want the GV90 to take over the upcoming BMW X7 and M models, they’re going to need a monster under the hood.

This is perhaps the biggest stumbling block on the Genesis journey to the full-size segment. For example, the most successful Honda did not compete in this class. However, this does not mean that there is no place for newcomers. The Korean company can cooperate with several giants of the auto industry who will provide the engine for this project.

At the moment, Hyundai’s closest partner is Kia and we can see both companies making the same move in recent years. However, we have to admit that Hyundai is usually a step ahead. However, none of them use a V8 and won’t be produced independently anytime soon. Therefore, we can see a new cooperation, perhaps with some German or American companies.

Electric SUVs

Regarding the partnership, Hyundai is cooperating with Uber. Their project is the production of air taxis. But the most interesting deal is the one with Canoo. This is a startup software from California and Hyundai found their ideas to be intriguing. The two brands joined forces to develop an electric SUV. This ad is full of standard phrases that we can read every time some electric vehicle project appears. But, there are some interesting things, including self-driving, a versatile platform, and a possible release date. The Korean company plans to pump $90 million into the development of the power unit in the next five years. The Genesis GV90 may be the result of this investment.

Well, the all-electric model doesn’t use any of the existing design languages. This type of SUV requires a special style. On the other hand, the electric Canoo is not an SUV. Well, this is an area where Hyundai can do everything on its own. They have proven that their designers are capable of creating luxurious models. On the other hand, if the GV90 got a conventional engine, its design would be similar to other nameplates under the same badge.


We have already mentioned the main competitors. Hyundai plans to launch luxury SUVs in several markets, and the Land Cruiser and X7 are among the most comprehensive models. But the situation in the United States is more complex. Apart from the Mercedes GLS and Range Rover, which are also available in Europe and many other countries, domestic automakers are the most famous in the full-size luxury class. All of these models have a lot to do to compete with the Cadillac Escalade and Lincoln Navigator.

When Will The Genesis GV90 Arrive?

There are many possible clues and facts about the Genesis GV90 release date. The first is that SUVs won’t come in the next couple of years, regardless of whether it’s an electric car or a model with a conventional engine. Canoo has announced plans to open an office in 2021, so this could be the start of some serious developments. Therefore, the GV90 will not arrive before 2022 or even 2023. Also, Hyundai needs a partner for the V8 engine, and this is not an easy process either. Once the company finds a suitable offer, engineers will need at least a year to test and adjust.