2023 Dacia Jogger Boite Automatique Cijena Car Colours
2023 Dacia Jogger Boite Automatique Cijena Car Colours

2023 Dacia Jogger Release Date Price And Redesign

2023 Dacia Jogger. Dacia has released all of the technical specifications and photographs for the new Jogger, a practical family car with up to 7 seats and an unique SUV look. The new Jogger is one of Dacia’s most notable innovations in recent years. This exceptional model will also be one of the world’s first models of the Renault group’s Romanian brand at the 2021 IAA Munich Motor Show.

In Dacia’s lineup, top brand managers have positioned the new Jogger as a C-Class family vehicle that can be configured from the inside in 5- and 7-seater versions (this will replace the previous Lodgy). The official opening of orders for the new car will start next November, and it is scheduled to arrive at European dealerships in February 2022, while Dacia will expand its range throughout 2023 with an attractive version with hybrid technology, the alternative of which will be the Jogger. The cheapest 7-seater family hybrid car on the market.

The new Jogger, according to Dacia, is a true “Swiss Army knife” type car, with a variety of practical and functional solutions aimed at making life easier for the driver and passengers. The technical platform from which it started is the Renault Group’s CMF-B modular architecture, thus sharing its technical genes with the new generation Sandero, Sandero Stepway, Logan, Renault Clio V and Renault Captur II (with the last two models, a number of technical elements are included). Good, but not all).

2023 Dacia Jogger Design

Length And Performance Family-Type Vehicle – 4.55 m long, 1.78 m wide and 1.64 m high, with a wheelbase of 2.89 m, and sporting an SUV design, Jogger combines the best of both worlds. From a design point of view, the exterior features well-defined fins that guide the wheels to all four corners of the car and a horizontal grooved bonnet. The slick wheels and tailgate spoiler also don’t go unnoticed.

The rear combination lamps have a vertical shape and distinctive Y-shaped headlights. An elegant appeal is also evident in the headlights. The roof of this new model is emphasized by a practical roof rack bar – capable of withstanding loads of up to 80 kg, well-marked wheel arches and high ground clearance (200 mm empty) which allows it to adapt to all types of roads.

2023 Dacia Jogger Interior

Inside, practicality and functionality are the protagonists once again. As proof of this, the additional 24 liters of storage space is distributed throughout the car in different slots or bags. The passenger compartment can be configured with 5 seats or 7 seats, divided into three rows with the following configuration / number of seats per row: 2 + 3 + 2.

Trunk capacity varies depending on the 5-seater version (between 708 and 842 liters with 5 usable seats) and the seven-seater version (160/213 liters with three rows of seats unfolded). In total, with all rows of seats folded, the loading capacity can be increased to 1819 liters. According to Dacia, second-row passengers are provided with aircraft-type trays with cup holders (these trays can be adjusted by 70 mm). The second row also has two Isofix fasteners on the side seats to securely hold the child seat. There are two passengers in the third row with separate seats, armrests and large panes of glass for a better view outside.

Modularity and flexibility are other strengths of this new car. According to the Romanian brand, it can offer up to 60 possible configurations in the interior, adapting them to the needs of the driver and passengers at every moment and situation.

2023 Dacia Jogger Engine

The range of engines initially available on family cars wrapped in the new SUV will consist of a 110 hp Inline 3-cylinder 1.0 TCe petrol, bi-fuel petrol and ECO-G 100 LPG variant (which received the DGT ECO eco-label in accordance with applicable regulations). ). Both devices are adapted to the environmental requirements of the full Euro 6D standard.

Later, throughout the year 2023, the Jogger lineup will offer an attractive and efficient version with non-pluggable hybrid technology, where the main technical specifications will find the following items: 1.6 liter naturally aspirated petrol engine, two electric motors (‘electronic starter and high voltage’), gearbox Multi-mode without clutch, regenerative braking system and 1.2 kWh (230 volt) battery pack.

According to Dacia estimates and depending on the type of driving, the car can roll up to 80 percent in electric mode and 100 percent while turning around in the city. Standard, this model will offer the following items and technologies: basic connection to a smartphone holder, a 3.5-inch TFT digital display, up to three 12-volt sockets to recharge the tablet at any time, regulating controls, a speed limiter on, steering wheel and automatic lights illuminate .

In terms of in-flight connectivity and entertainment, the new car can offer up to three different types of multimedia systems: basic media control (with USB and Bluetooth sockets), and a more balanced and complete media display complete with an 8-inch touchscreen (compatibility With Android Auto technology (and Apple CarPlay) and more modern Media Nav (like Media Display but adds navigation, wi-fi and wireless connectivity to duplicate smartphone applications on the screen of the multimedia system).

Dacia Jogger Extreme Limited

The commercial journey of this new model will begin with the special launch of the Xtreme Limited Series, which emphasizes the car’s bolder and free-spirited side and will be available in five body colors: Pearl Black, Comet Grey, Moonstone Grey, Glacier White, and launch color Terracotta Brown.

On the outside, the Jogger Xtreme will be distinguished by its black roof arches, mirrors, wheels and shark antenna. On the front and rear shield, it will be presented in Megalith Gray. On the other hand, another distinguishing element is the stickers with this new version of this particular version on the front, on the wheels and on the bottom of the doors.

The interior of the Jogger Xtreme will have red stitching on the seats and chrome inserts on the front door panels. Equipment will include a reversing camera, regulated air conditioning, and hands-free card.

2023 Dacia Jogger Release Date And Price

The 2023 Dacia Jogger will be available in early 2023, and will start accepting applications before the end of this year. No news on pricing yet, but it’s expected to start at $18,000.

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2023 Dacia Jogger Boite Automatique Cijena Car Colours
2023 Dacia Jogger Boite Automatique Cijena Car Colours

2023 Dacia Jogger Update

This is the new Dacia Jogger. It’s not a new type of exercise machine, but a seven-seat SUV that’s said to have proprietary parts and an MPV as well. It will go on sale in the UK early next year and is expected to start at around £13,000.

Dacia Jogger Design 2023

The Dacia Jogger has it all – vehicle ownership length, MPV shape, and SUV ground clearance. The designer says all three things inspire him, unsurprisingly. Dacia’s new headlights, as seen on the latest Sandero, appear on the Jogger and sit atop large plastic fog lights.

On the long side (4.5m in case you were wondering) you’ll see 16-inch alloy wheels, the usual plastic SUV livery and some carbon-impact stickers. If you’re really paying attention, you’ll notice that the rear windows are higher than the front – all part of an effort to maximize space in the rear with the high roofline.

The rear is dominated by vertically mounted brake lights, similar to those on the old Volvo XC60, with a badge sticker as a cost-saving measure.

Dacia Jogger 2023 Interior and Infotainment

It’s a typical Dacia issue within the Jogger – a sensible and robust design if that isn’t too exciting. Basic-level cars will have you relying on your smartphone for media and navigation functions, although the limited edition Comfort and Extreme cars have 8-inch touchscreens with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support.

The key here is the seven-seater design. The center seat can be folded up to allow very easy access to the rear row, and the two rear seats can be removed individually as desired. With all the seats in place, a luggage compartment capacity of 160 liters is available yet goes up to 565 liters with the rear row removed.

2023 Dacia Jogger engine and hybrid

At launch, you will have a choice between pure petrol or the dual-fuel LPG version of the 2023 Dacia Jogger. Both use a 1.0-liter three-cylinder engine that produces 110 hp in a standard petrol car or 100 hp in bi-fuel. Both send power to the front wheels via a six-speed manual gearbox.

Later in 2023, hybrid cars will come. This will see a 1.6-liter petrol engine linked to two electric motors, producing a total of 145 horsepower. This is not an electric car, but a “self-charging” system. This means that there is no manual option for a purely electric motor, but Dacia estimates that about 80% of urban roads will be electric.

Dacia Jogger 2023 price and release date

You’ll be able to get the Dacia Jogger in early 2021, and orders will start collecting before the end of this year. There’s no word on the exact UK price yet, but it’s expected to start at around £13,000.

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2023 Dacia Jogger Cost Cennik Configurator Crash Test
2023 Dacia Jogger Cost Cennik Configurator Crash Test

2023 Dacia Jogger News

According to Dacia, the Jogger combines the practicality of an SUV with the spaciousness of an MPV and the character of an SUV. With prices starting at around €15,000 – or just under £13,000 at today’s prices – when it goes on sale in November this year, it looks like the Jogger will be the most affordable seven-seater on the market.

2022 New Dacia Bigster to take the budget brand to the large SUV market

The Jogger has a clear focus on lifestyle, with a ground clearance of 200mm and an SUV-inspired design, balanced with plenty of practicality. At over 4.5 meters tall, it is the tallest Dacia model in the lineup and, like all future Dacia models, is based on the brand’s CMF-B platform.

Dacia Jogger: interior and practical

A wheelbase of 2.9 meters (about 30 cm longer than the Sandero supermini) allows for up to seven seats, although the Jogger will also be available in a five-seater configuration; We found out how much space was saved in the third row of the seven-seat model when the car was opened and can report that adults would be fine in the very back seats.

The space in the middle row is similar, and although the 60:40 split seat does not change for reasons of cost and complexity, the seat cushion can be folded forward to increase access to the rear. It’s a manual machine with good headroom as well, helped by the 40mm roof height between the front and rear of the passenger compartment.

Other touches that enhance usability include a foldable picnic table in the front seat back that slides up to 70mm, as well as an integrated roof slide with a removable section that can be rotated 90 degrees, bringing roof loads up to 80kg. Luggage space goes up to 213 liters with all seven seats installed, and increases to 712 liters in five-seat mode, with a maximum load capacity of 1,819 liters available by removing the rear seat (an easy task, as we found, with each of the third-row seats weighing 10 kg only), and fold the second row down.

The Jogger offers up to 24 liters of storage space spread over the glove box, door bins (each containing a one-liter bottle) and a central lidded compartment, with six cup holders as well.

Dacia Jogger: Engines and Powertrain

Dacia’s turbocharged 1.0-liter three-cylinder unit will be the only engine since launch, in either TCe 110 petrol, or TCe 100 Bi-Fuel specification.

The first engine produces 108 hp and 200 Nm of torque and is mated to a six-speed manual transmission. The dual-fuel version produces slightly less power and torque at 99 hp and 170 Nm, respectively. However, with claimed CO2 emissions of 121 g/km, it is 10 percent cleaner than a petrol equivalent unit. Fuel economy reaches 37.1 mpg and with a 40-liter LPG and 50-liter gas tank, the Jogger has a total range of 621 miles.

The bigger news is that the Jogger will be Dacia’s first hybrid model in 2023, with the car featuring a 1.6-liter petrol engine, twin electric motors and 1.2 kWh battery settings like sister brand Renault Clio Supermini. Dacia claims the Jogger Hybrid will spend up to 80 percent of its time on electricity in urban conditions.

Dacia Jogger: trim levels and styling

Since its launch, Jogger will be available in three levels. The lineup starts with Essential, while a mid-spec Comfort model will also be available. The Limited Edition Extreme Class sits at the top of the lineup and features a more off-road-focused design, with additional black cladding around the wheel arches and fenders, and front and rear skid plates for a more solid look. The Extreme model also features black 16-inch wheels, with 16-inch alloy wheels standard throughout the range.

There is a family resemblance to the Duster from the front, while some Jogger design details also serve a functional purpose. For example, the set of vertical taillights increases the width of the boot hatch to make it easier to load large items. There will be more safety technology than ever before, with emergency brake assist and six airbags fitted as standard, while blind-spot warning and parking assistance will also be available.

Dacia Jogger: infotainment and technology

Jogger will be launched with three different multimedia systems depending on the specifications. The first is Media Control, which is based on a smartphone app, which copies the content of the app onto a screen mounted on the dashboard. This is a simple interface that controls your device’s navigation, media, and phone contacts.

Next is the Media Display system, which adds an 8-inch touchscreen featuring Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, as well as a four-speaker stereo. Finally, Media Nav adds built-in satellite navigation, as well as wireless smartphone connectivity, speaker stereo and two USB ports, complementing Dacia’s latest technology.

Despite these upgrades, Jogger will remain focused on affordability, with a specific range starting in the UK at the equivalent of around £13,000 when pre-orders begin in November 2021. First deliveries are expected in early 2022, while Jogger will join Hybrid to the line in 2023.