2022 Vw Nivus Review Dimensions Usa Polo R Line
2022 Vw Nivus Review Dimensions Usa Polo R Line

2022 VW Nivus Release Date Price And Redesign

2022 VW Nivus. The German automaker is planning to add new crossover models to its lineup. The all-new 2022 VW Nivus is one model that has lately gotten a lot of coverage. At first sight, this crossover style seems to be very compact and appealing.

The manufacturer reveals that this crossover will be developed first in South America and then will be available in other markets, including Europe. Overall, the new Nivus is scheduled to make its official debut in late spring and we have some new photos.

2022 VW Nivus Design

As you can see at first glance, the upcoming 2022 VW Nivus bears the popular VW design language, which also appears on several models. Moreover, the Nivus crossover will sit on VW’s popular MQB platform and be much smaller than the Tiguan model. From several Brazil websites, this new crossover will measure a 100-inch wheelbase.

However, as we can see, the Nivus’ exterior is completely identical to that of the T-Cross. First, the Nivus front fascia is dominated with integrated LED daytime running lights that elegantly culminate in a slim front grille and a horizontal chrome bezel. Moreover, the new images reveal 17-inch alloy wheels, a sloping roof, and various black elements (grille, door handles, mirrors, roof rails and aluminum wheels).

2022 VW Nivus Interior

Under Volkswagen’s suit, the next crossover will be elegant and sporty on the inside the manufacturer will use almost the same technology as the T-Roc. So, thanks to that, we can expect a lot of high-quality materials and exceptional comfort. The official team roster will be longer than other transfers in the same category, which is for sure.

Overall, a great multimedia system, start-stop system and remote-opening tailgate will be the main weapon of this SUV. The images also show a large infotainment screen on the dashboard. This screen will provide LTE connectivity, as well as Wi-Fi access point. On top of all that, officials say this small intersection will be packed with safety tech. However, they haven’t released any information yet.

2022 VW Nivus Engine

As mentioned earlier, the upcoming 2022 VW Nivus will be located on the popular MQB platform. Additionally, thanks to that, we can make extensive drive options. Some Brazilian websites claim the base engine will be available with a 1.0-liter three-cylinder that delivers 114 hp. This engine comes with a six-speed manual gearbox as standard.

However, the next engine will use the new DSG. This model will have 126 horsepower from the small turbocharged engine. Both versions will transmit their power through a front-wheel drive system. 4Motion will not be available this time as an option.

2022 VW Nivus Release Date And Price

The new 2022 VW Nivus compact crossovers will be available for the first time in the South American market and will be built at the Anchieta plant in Brazil. Finally, we can also expect this model to debut in Europe. According to officials, the European model will be manufactured at the VW plant in Spain. The price is still early to predict, but according to many claims, it will be much lower than what we expect.

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2022 Vw Nivus Review Dimensions Usa Polo R Line
2022 Vw Nivus Review Dimensions Usa Polo R Line

2022 VW Nivus blindado colombia colores consumo chile cena

The German brand Volkswagen is known for its ability to experiment with vehicle formats and produce the most desirable cars at any time. Here’s what the compact and inexpensive 2022 Volkswagen Nevus Crossover looks like based on the company’s success: the Polo.

2022 redesign of Volkswagen Nevus

This car, although having similarities in details with other Volkswagen models, is difficult to describe as a redesign of any previously produced product: a bright and modern appearance, not the most sophisticated interior, but very comfortable and excellent engine compartment characteristics designed to make this vehicle . A new product is in demand in various continents, markets and countries.

the outside

Judging from the photos, the 2022 Volkswagen Nevus will look like much richer than the needed cash. Visually, it will resemble a “pumped” electrode with similar help, optics, and air intake elements. However, the bumper, taillights, and some other little things are really unique.

The face of the new model will look brighter and fresh. It is not as tall as other crossovers and does not have a large width, making the car easy to control even by people of short stature. Under the sloping windshield, the large bonnet hood, not the largest with elongated hoods, shows sharp edges.

This car leans towards the road, setting its sights on Volkswagen-style rectangular lighting technology and C-shaped daytime running lights. Among them are a large radiator grille prism with wide horizontal black plastic blades and a large chrome icon in the center. The perimeter of the grille is also decorated with chrome stripes.

The body kit of the Volkswagen Nevus 2022, although quite large, does not differ in a large number of elements: only the fog lights are hidden in the body, simple aerodynamic details and only an additional large trapezoid covered with a black decorative grille. Below you can find protective accessories made of lightweight plastic.

The new body shape wasn’t bulky or super cool. The sides start with a sloping roof with small chrome bars. Below is a very large, very large textured glass, arranged in a teardrop shape.

The windows have the finest finishes in glossy black and are separated by a wider shelf, designed in the same style of decoration. Closer to the front is a large round mirror with turn signal repeater. Below, a smooth transition to the aid begins, bounded by a wide skirt and a large wheel arch with luxurious trim on the inside.

The back looks brighter than steel. It started with thin spoilers, but many of them with an intermediate brake repeater. These details include a steep circular front grille, underneath the wide colored indicator lights, pure German style assist, and a simple body kit where reflectors and plastic inserts can be found with tailpipe openings at the bottom.


The interior decoration of the Volkswagen Nevus for the New Year 2020 is made according to the best traditions of the brand, although it does not differ in luxury. The finishing materials, high-quality fabric, leather and plastic are of two sorts, reminiscent of what can be seen in the Polo style, but the leisure center and chairs are somewhat different to provide more comfort.

The cheaper Volkswagen center console looks simple and cramped, even because it doesn’t have a single physical button, except for the emergency gang activator. The top row of panels, along with the bulkhead, are occupied by large multimedia touchscreens. Below are two more reflectors and then a touch screen to work with the air conditioner.

Below this begins a short and narrow tunnel, in which there are places for several compartments for the glass elements, a painting with a fairly large tooth limiter on the head and a simple armrest on the stomach, where other compartments can be found.

The handlebar has an ergonomic shape and the presence of a large number of buttons on both sides of the knitting needle. This practically does not preclude access to the virtual digital dashboard, which is very useful and perceptually appropriate.

The 2022 Volkswagen Nevus can accommodate five people at one time, each one sitting in a chair upholstered in luxurious fabric or leather, comfortably and with soft lining. The two front seats will have high-quality lateral support, heating and electric propulsion to change positions.

The rear sofa is wide enough to accommodate three adult drivers who can slightly change the position of the backrest or tilt the center armrest without any passenger sitting in the center.

Average Cross-Baggage Capacity: In the “parked” condition, carry just over 410 liters of cargo.


Under the hood of the Volkswagen Nevus 2022 there will be a one-liter Polo sedan engine with the return of 116 servicemen in gasoline and 128 with ethanol. The possibility of installing a turbine increases this figure to 130 “horsepower” using conventional fuel. The car will be driven by a non-alternative front, but the gearbox can be selected: six-speed manual or “automatic” with the same number of gears.

Volkswagen Nevus 2022 engine

If you believe in the test drive, the car will accelerate well and drive through cities or highways, showing an extremely low fuel consumption, at 6 liters in the combined cycle. However, as for off-road driving data, an SUV is clearly not enough.

Options and prices

The price of the new Volkswagen Nevus 2022 is not known for certain, but auto experts suggest it will start at $ 16,000.

date of publication

In Latin America, the 2022 Volkswagen Nevus will appear this summer, and it will arrive in Europe early next year in 2022.

Competitor model

The closest competitors for the 2022 Volkswagen Nevus are the Renault Captur, Skoda KAMIC, Toyota C-HR, as well as the Hyundai Venue.

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2022 Vw Nivus Boot Space Bilder Branco Baul Blanco
2022 Vw Nivus Boot Space Bilder Branco Baul Blanco

2022 VW Nivus tiguan release date microbus brasil interior

Volkswagen has released new details about the Nivus SUV. The company partially disclosed the car. Volkswagen has also announced that the car will be offered for the first time in South America and after that it will be transferred to other markets. Let’s find out what this SUV is and find answers to many questions such as when it will be launched and what will be the price of the VW Nivus SUV. Plus, find out what she shares with VW Taigun flying to India.

The design of the VW Nivus SUV

Being an SUV, the new Volkswagen SUV design language will continue. The VW Nivus SUV is a coupe SUV, meaning that the sloping coupe-like roofline will be present in the rear giving it the distinctive look. It could also look like a VW Taigun in some places and both cars would have in common the design. Another interesting fact about the car is that it will be the first car to receive the new VW logo.

What platform will the VW Nivus SUV use?

The VW Nivus SUV will use the MQB A0 platform. This is shared with Taigun, as is the international version of the Polo Virtus Sedan. The dimensions of this SUV are as mentioned in the table below.

How will it differ from the New Gen Polo?

These dimensions are very close to the dimensions of the new generation Polo. So what is the difference between them? The car will have a very high suspension travel. There will be a loss of electronic off-road assistance. This will include the XDS differential lock and stability control. The VW Nivus SUV will have a ground clearance of 177 mm which is the same height as on the Taigun.

VW Nivus engine

The engine for the VW Nivus SUV Coupe will be a 1.0 liter TSI petrol engine. The engine will produce 128 hp. This is the same engine that runs on the T-Cross. The gearbox will be where the car will be different from the T-Cross. There is no news on the manual gearbox and it may only come with a 6-speed automatic transmission.

Volkswagen features

Features for that will be available where Nivus will be the flagship. The car will have an 8-inch touch screen system. It will not bypass Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Connect. There will be adaptive cruise control, adaptive autopilot and adaptive braking. All of these technologies are based on artificial intelligence and will require a good road condition to operate. Therefore, the actual use of these technologies will emerge once the vehicle is tested on the Indian road. All of this can be put aside as there is nothing new for the VW Nivus SUV making its way to the Indian market. But we can get a good idea of ​​what features can be offered in the Volkswagen Tiguan from this SUV.