2022 Vw Gti Lease Specs Brochure Acceleration Mark 6

2022 Vw Gti Lease Specs Brochure Acceleration Mark 6

2022 VW GTI. 2022 VW GTI begins a new generation of sports hatchbacks. While it looks like the German carmaker will stop selling the regular Golf in the US, the more enthusiastic GTI and R models have been avoided, which we review separately. The result is a more powerful GTI with more desirable features and the same features that helped the previous version secure a spot on our top ten list. With a change to a more sophisticated and recognizable exterior and interior, the beloved Golf GTI is back in power.

The 2022 VW GTI is brand new and represents the eighth generation of the historic plate. While the design is more sophisticated than revolutionary, Volkswagen has equipped the hatchback with more technology and improved performance. Its impressive exterior design is enhanced by slimmer LED headlights and an open lower grille with integrated fog lights. The most dramatic make-up is the interior, where the 2022 VW GTI combines perks like a trim liner with cutting-edge features. For example, dual digital displays are now standard and control panels have been completely redesigned. The GTI’s four-cylinder turbo now produces 241 hp (up to 13) and 273 lb-ft of torque (up to 15), and it still offers a manual transmission as standard.

2022 VW GTI Interior

Inside, the Golf GTI has a modern design just like some traditional models. The dashboard is dominated by two large screens, a 10.2-inch cluster and a 10.0-inch touchscreen, which share a piano black frame. The array of thin air inlets flowing between the upper and lower instrument panel resembles the aesthetic also found on Audi models. The GTI’s three-spoke steering wheel provides highly precise contoured wheels and touch-sensitive control. The cab is also illuminated by mood lighting on the dashboard, doors and legroom. The reinforced front seats feature red accents around the outer edges and iconic checkered inserts on the top and bottom of the reversible cushions on the rear seats. Although Volkswagen announced that the eighth-generation Golf is generally 1.0-inch longer with a 0.6-inch wheelbase, we are not.

GTI infotainment system operates on a standard 10.0 inch touchscreen. Unfortunately, it’s mainly triggered via touch-sensitive sliders rather than the more intuitive buttons and knobs. While VW only states that it will have the latest in integrated and app-based remote navigation services, we also expect the new Golf to offer Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Wi-Fi hotspot. Of course, there will also be multiple charging ports and the possibility of offering an enhanced audio system as an option. The Volkswagen Golf GTI 2022 maintains the standard seat Tartan and is heated with a new design pattern. The perforated leather seat option will be heated and ventilated.

The steering wheel covers have been re-excavated (last seen on the Golf 6 GTI) and hot wheels will be standard. The steering wheel is equipped with multi-function touch controls and the instrument panel has digital gauges. The MIB infotainment system will come with an 8.25 or 10 inch screen. The interior has red accents overall, like the previous model, but for the Golf 8, a 30-color ambient lighting system, including a “GTI-only mode”, will be standard. The wire-by-wire selector and steering wheel paddles come with an optional 7DSG transmission, and the Head-Up Display will also be an option. Volkswagen has dropped the added cost of the premium Fender audio system for the Harmon-Kardon hi-fi unit.

2022 VW GTI Exterior

On the outside, the stylish exterior design update of the new Volkswagen Golf GTI 2022 comes with an increase of 30 horsepower, a revised chassis with more precise steering, more precise handling with a minimum, four levels of driver profile selection and elegant design. Inside. More luxurious. With more equipment. The VW Golf R will return to North America when the next premier GTI is here, scheduled for the third quarter of 2021. Volkswagen has confirmed that both cars will continue to sell as standard with a six-speed manual gearbox. The automaker said that unless there is a delay in responding to the global pandemic, the Volkswagen Golf GTI and Golf R 2022 will both be launched in the United States and Canada around the same time. Volkswagen reviewed the eighth-generation Golf GTI at a video conference on Wednesday, but did not provide any details on the more powerful model.

The 2022 VW GTI has roughly the same dimensions and weight as the previous model, and is the first to use the VW MQB platform, although the new GTI is about 0.6 inches less than the current Golf GTI. Volkswagen has confirmed rumors that the GTI and R, which were assembled in Wolfsburg, Germany, will be the customer’s choice here to enter the Volkswagen hatchback. “It is very unlikely that a standard version of the Golf will reach North America,” said Megan Closet, product manager for the Golf family. He added that American Volkswagen is considering importing the Golf 8 TSI only in the Canadian market. Canada buys 45 percent of global GTI and Golf R production, and VW of America wants to sell special editions such as the Club GTI, Club Sport and TSR that were previously sold only in Europe. Any version with a different powertrain will require separate certification from the EPA, said Heine Schafer, senior vice president of product strategy and marketing.

2022 VW GTI Engine

The 2022 VW GTI is powered by a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 241 hp. This power is channeled to the front wheels via a standard six-speed manual transmission or a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. Both transmission packages will interact with selectable drive modes including customizable Comfort, Eco, Sport and Individual settings. This feature also affects the GTI’s Adaptive Damper, which can switch between softer and stronger motions. Although we haven’t driven the new GTI yet, we hope this hatchback will continue to imitate the features of everyday driving pleasure and comfort. The non-GTI European spec that we tested does just that.


Neither the Environmental Protection Agency nor Volkswagen has released information on the Golf GTI’s fuel economy ratings. Once we got our highway appreciation from the government and had the opportunity to test it on our 200-mile route, we were able to rate a real-world mpg hatchback.

2022 VW GTI Price and Release Date

Volkswagen has not mentioned how much the 2022 VW GTI will cost or what trim levels it will offer. However, we expect the lineup to reflect the current version and its cost is slightly higher when it finally goes on sale. Estimated Golf GTI range: $ 30,000.

2022 Vw Gti Golf Release Date Usa Review Interior

2022 VW GTI Update

Volkswagen has redesigned the Golf GTI, with the latest generation of the iconic hot hatch available in the second half of 2021 as the 2022 model.

However, a tougher version is already being tested and should appear next year. This is not a redesigned Golf R which is also being tested and will be revealed soon. Instead, this latest test device is for a redesigned version of the Golf GTI TCR sold abroad.

What distinguishes the prototype from the regular GTI is a new front fascia with larger vents and deflected fog lights. The fitting room also has a new front splitter, as well as a side skirts set and a new rear splitter. The exhaust tips also appear slightly larger than those on the regular GTI.

The GTI TCR class was introduced with the previous generation GTI as the road version of the Golf GTI TCR racing car. It was a limited edition built for Europe that helped bridge the gap between the GTI and the Golf R.

The car came with 286 hp, but it sent traction only to the front wheels, just like the GTI it was relying on. Expect a slight increase in power for the redesigned version, as the redesigned GTI comes with 242 hp.

The GTI TCR above also comes with GTI top deck features including cockpit features like bucket seats, red cockpit accents, and a sporty steering wheel with a red flag at 12 o’clock. The same will likely happen with the new generation.

Volkswagen hasn’t revealed the GTI TCR racer based on the latest Golf, but maybe it’s just a matter of time because this GTI TCR road car is already out of service.

Find the GTI TCR that will debut late this year or early next year. The race car should arrive around the same time.

2022 VW GTI News

Mk. 8 Golf GTI TCR build on a really impressive package to take things to the next level. As a more driver-oriented model, it will boast a whopping 300 horsepower, all of which will be shifted via an eight-speed dual-transmission transmission. There is no specific date for sale yet, but it should launch in late 2020 as the 2021 model.

It’s been months since we last saw the Golf GTI TCR, and it looks like it has improved a bit since then. In fact, it looks almost production-ready, it has a front and rear fascia, production headlights, and that lovely red. In comparison, the last time we saw the TCR, the front end split and it now features a Honeycomb grille. However, much of this is locked in, so it’s very likely that it will be at least partially closed in production mode. Around the rear, the bottom of the fascia has been shaped and the official exhaust pipes are now in place. Whether or not this will change by the time production begins remains a mystery, but don’t expect anything aggressive.

When it comes to power output, the GTI TCR will feature an impressive increase over the standard GTI, with a total of 300 hp (compared to the tiny 245 hp). So it should be a little faster and the dual-clutch DSG transmission should provide an engaging driving experience. We’re not sure when the GTI TCR will launch, but based on what we see here, we’ll see it before the end of 2020, with it launching as the 2021 model.

Volkswagen cut back its support for the Golf GTI TCR program late last year when it announced that all of its future efforts in motorsport would focus on electric racing. The Golf TCR, the racing version of the seventh-generation 306-horsepower Golf R, will still be complete with square arches, a tall spoiler at the rear and a bare cockpit across the globe, and Volkswagen is not. Give up either painting.

The start of February brought us news in the form of a TCR from Wolfsburg that was a colorful TCR Golf made to run on electricity alone. Known as the e-Performance Golf R Concept, it looks like any other Golf TCR outside, but for us, it’s there to show Volkswagen Motorsport hasn’t finished touring car racing and you might be entertaining the idea of ​​getting in. To our soon-to-be e-TCR series. Sister brand Cupra will stick, and there will be a huge Alfa Romeo Giulia electronic contestant on the net.

This is why the car you see here will still be called the “GTI TCR”. Yes, it’s confusing to think the race car is based on the R, not the GTI, but it runs along the old adage, “Race on Sunday, sell on Monday”, and at least as long as Volkswagen is still in the race. TCR race, we’ll see the TCR badge flock to the German carmaker’s upgraded Golf.

It must be said that this is not a special homogeneity. It lacks all the aerodynamic wonders of a racing car, there are no large flared arches, no protruding dividers or a massive diffuser in the rear, and not even at the top of the golf pile. In fact, Volkswagen introduced the GTI TCR simply to bridge the gap between the top R-Class, which we’ll hear more about when it goes down in July, and the standard GTI.

Expect the diffuser, flared skirts, and splitter extension to pierce the hood later on the road. For now, we only have a clear indication that this isn’t another GTI mule hiding behind those beautiful rims, the perforated brake discs. This is not available in GTI.

Up front, the GTI TCR features a larger inlet that spans the width of the fascia. Behind the hatches in the center of the grille, you can easily see the huge Golf intercooler, with the outside air vents directing air toward the brakes. The cheese grater rack in the middle gives way to the grids on each side, and the shelf itself is separated into three parts by some areas covered in white.

The corners of the main grill feature a dark plastic frame that surrounds the corners of the grill to make it look more aggressive. Expect the production version to come with some lower lip extensions as well, as we can see on the current Golf GTI TCR.

There’s not much to talk about anywhere else up front, as the horizontal opening between the headlights is identical to that found on any other eighth-generation Golf, and the same is true for the slightly flat-shaped Matrix LED headlights that extend around the front fascia through the front arms . Also, this mule lacks the classic red accents that are a trademark of any GTI car, so expect a red stripe to cut across the bottom of the hatch between the headlights, as well as a GTI badge in the corner.

Also, the fender flares appear to be as large as any other Golf 8, although there will be side skirts visible in the production version and most likely the mirrors will darken (in examples not yet all used) in black, of course), as well as elements The other bodywork to give it the necessary sporty feeling.

From the side, the first thing you notice are the large five-spoke wheels that conceal the red-caliper rotors with a GTI sticker. Those big brakes are the main indication we’re looking at the exhilarating GTI TCR and not the standard 2021 GTI. This mule also lacks any kind of graphics as we’ve seen in the current TCR, although we think they can return to the new paradigm. Expect a series of circles or perhaps a different geometric shape like a diamond. Moreover, the nickname “TCR” will be present in at least some places on the body such as vibrating panels.

2021 Volkswagen Golf GTI TCR exterior photos

In short, this will include the addition of a spacer with four or five vertical elements (the 2020 Golf GTI TCR features a four-element spacer) between the dual tailpipes. In this mule, we think the distributor is hidden and the presence of a drag obstacle doesn’t help us either. However, you can see the spoiler above the tailgate which will likely be as dark as the side mirrors.

The eighth-generation Golf GTI TCR, like the rest of the Golf range, will be 1.2 inches longer than the previous model and roughly equal in width and height. Naturally, the TCR variant will sit closer to the runway thanks to stiffer springs. Both the current Golf and the previous generation have a wheelbase of 103.8 inches.

While there are some who hate the new face of golf, arguing that the successful Volkswagen compact car has lost some of its identity after the latest redesign, the main topic of conversation in the case of the Golf 8 is the plane.

Volkswagen has been slow to take on the high-end Golf with the last two generations sharing the same familiar interior, but the eighth generation makes a bold leap into the future with a glass cockpit filled with digital displays, although the materials used may not be. Necessarily better. . It is the market that will decide whether the Golf, for lack of a better term, is so excellent, but what we can bet is that the GTI TCR cabin will benefit from a healthy dose of sporty touches.

The standard configuration includes an 8-inch tablet screen and a 10.25-inch infotainment screen on the right, but the GTI TCR will likely come with two screens of the same size, which is optional on cheaper trim levels. Volkswagen calls this cabin “Innovision” and what you’ll notice right away is the lack of physical knobs or discs. Everything is controlled by a scroll bar or a button on the screens or, if desired, by spoken commands. We think Volkswagen can improve the quality of a bright screen environment because it reflects sunlight in an uncomfortable way, making screens somewhat difficult to read. This is where we hope the GTI TCR helped you with its redesigned set of menus, perhaps infused with the GTI’s own red. You should also expect some sporty dials that light up as you approach the red line of the tachometer.

The interior of the Volkswagen Golf 2020

We also expect the GTI TCR to come with red stitching (or another color that you can choose from), and possibly a 12 o’clock mark on the steering wheel. On a standard golf, the wheel looks very casual with two tweeters that feature only some of the buttons inside the car. However, you will find other buttons in the lower center console and on the inside door panels.

The voice control system is one of the technological champions of the new golf. Simply say “Hello Volkswagen” to activate it and the system is very good, although not perfect, as you would expect if you ride in cars with similar systems, for example “Hello Mercedes” from Mercedes. Alexa is as standard as Apple CarPlay and it is the case with all 8th generation Golf cars. Some have criticized the use of matte plastic on the interior of the Golf with low moldings, but we hope the GTI TCR sports car has better materials than we’ve seen so far.

Expect to find bucket seats with colorful seat belts, too. The GTI and TCR badges are sure to be everywhere, from the digital displays on the instrument panel to the door sills and foot wipers.

Given how customizable the infotainment system (MIB3) is in the “boring” versions of the Golf 8, we’d expect to find some interesting surprises built into the GTI TCR system, such as a cycle counter or G gauge, even though Volkswagen is top secret. . Anything to do with the Golf GTI TCR is, as you might expect, given the release date is still some months away.

The IQ.Drive engine comes with a number of safety-oriented features that are part of the Travel Assist package, such as Active Cruise Control (the Golf 8 can braking, accelerate and start on its own as long as it does not exceed 130 mph). Self-parking is also standard, and with cloud-based technology you can save your settings and use your phone as a key for your car. You will be able to take it with you no matter which Golf 8 you get into and drive. Another thing that can be saved in the cloud is choosing a drive mode. With Dynamic Chassis Control (optional on smaller models), you can choose between Eco, Comfort, and Sport modes (expect the GTI TCR to come with a “Track” mode or in any case something outweigh a “Sport” mode), as well as a “Individually”.

Beyond all digital charm, the Golf 8 is as big as the recently retired model on the inside. This means it has adequate space at the rear, and with the rear seat folded down, the Golf’s cargo area extends to 43.68 cubic feet. With the rear seats raised, the trunk can hold just 13.41 cubic feet of material. At least you can now control the climate with three zones or, in other words, separate climate settings for the people in the back.

First of all, we must reiterate the fact that the Golf 8 is powered by the same MQB platform as the previous model, which explains why the Golf did not grow with the transition from the seventh generation model to the eighth generation.

What that also means is that you’ll find a suspension setup similar to the previous GTI TCR – a multi-link rear axle with coil springs and MacPherson struts with similar coil springs up front.

We already know that, along with the seven-speed DSG dual-clutch transmission, the standard GTI can also be ordered with the traditional six-speed manual gearbox. What we don’t know, unfortunately, is whether the GTI TCR will also come with the evidence. If the 2020 model indicates what we can get with the new model, then news is not good for you if you want to tidy up your gears, as the GTI TCR 7.5 Gen is only available with the automatic transmission.

In the engines department, be prepared for a slight power surge if a leaked slideshow can be trusted on the next one.

What this means is that the 2.0-liter four-wheel turbocharged engine will produce up to 296 hp compared to “only” 286 hp and 280 lb-ft of torque for the GTI Clubsport version of the EA888. Version 40 of 2017. 2.0 liter mill.

The rotors engraved on the current / released GTI TCR are 17 inches in diameter and we think they’re just as large on this model, which will also fall 0.2 inches closer to the ground.

Adaptive shocks are optional on the GTI TCR that you can buy today as well as Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires. These options add about $ 4,000 to the GTI TCR’s MSRP, which is clearly more expensive than the regular GTI since its inception. On the one hand, what you get is a more balanced hot hatchback that will drive as if it were on the rails at the maximum, although we will have to wait and see how it feels on the road due to its track-focused nature.

In addition to the car’s neutral nature on the rim with its winding sections, you should also expect to travel very quickly in a straight line.

The current GTI TCR goes from zero to 60 mph in just 5.6 seconds, which is much better than the 6.4 seconds it takes the standard seventh-generation GTI to complete the same feat (remember that the eighth-generation GTI will likely be as fast as a 242 hp Golf GTI. With the seventh generation performance that replaced the standard GTI with 228 hp last year).

The electronically limited top speed of 155 mph can be converted to an unlimited top speed in excess of 160 mph with a limiter that may be available (it’s available on the current GTI TCR).

There is no pricing information yet, but bear in mind that the outgoing GTI in standard form costs around $ 30K in the US, while the GTI TCR version costs around $ 40K without any options that can easily push the price well over 45,500 Dollars. . That’s a lot when you consider that the 2019 MY Civic Type R has a starting price of $ 37,255. The pricing for the slightly redesigned 2020 model has yet to be confirmed, but it should be on the same pitch.

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