2022 Opel Mokka X 136ch Innovation 4x2 Enjoy
2022 Opel Mokka X 136ch Innovation 4x2 Enjoy

2022 Opel Mokka X Release Date Price And Redesign

2022 Opel Mokka X. Opel may not be the most popular in the SUV segment, but it also builds high-quality , reliable vehicles. Well, you’re going to find your cars all over the world, but in some cases they’ve been renamed. The 2022 Opel Mokka X will appear in the UK as Vauxhall Mokka X. Its new US version includes some premium features and is listed as Buick Encore. In conclusion, the next edition targets the new generation. The last modifications of the Mokka crossover were made in 2017. After that, it was redesigned and also got the current look.

The first spy photos are available for the Opel Mokka X 2022. The portable SUV takes a certain size and has modifications to its bodywork. The front end is mostly camouflaged so expect a total change. The German automaker has also revealed modifications of other crossovers and SUVs. All of them will receive a new grille and headlights thanks to the new design language. The Mokka X is a midsize crossover offered by Opel. Grandland X is bigger and Crossland X is somewhat shorter, albeit with a longer wheelbase.

2022 Opel Mokka X Specifications

Depending on which country the Opel Mokka X 2022 is located, this crossover includes different engines. In most markets we will see it with a 1.4 liter engine. With a turbocharger, it generates 140-150 hp, in which there are two configurations. This motor also develops 150 to 175 lb-ft of torque. Before we turn to the more favored offerings with diesels, there is no doubt that we will also introduce two more petrol engines available for the new Mokka X. And the company will definitely refresh the 1.6-liter capacity. With 113 horsepower and 114 lb-ft of torque, that’s the weakest of the program. In Russia, the crossover uses a 1.8-liter engine. This group is good for 140 hp as well as 130 lb-ft.

2022 Opel Mokka X Features

The crossover underwent a facelift in 2016 as part of a mid-cycle refresh. Now is the time for an overhaul. Well, all crossovers and SUVs from this automaker will undergo a redesign based on the same design language. If we also compare Mokka X, Crossland X and Grandland X, we will see that these cars are quite similar, especially beforehand. What makes it so versatile is its size. The Opel Mokka X 2022 will be a mid-range design with an overall length of 168 inches and a wheelbase of 100 inches. The Mokka X is 3 inches longer than the Crossland X, but its wheelbase is 5 inches shorter.

It is an opportunity for the 2022 Opel Mokka X to take advantage of the new architecture. Some sources claim that the entire SUV and crossover fleet is moving to the CMP principle. The crossover is sure to be lighter thanks to the new design. Lots of aluminum and other light products are the hallmarks of this system, as is the EMP1 caller. Grandland and Crossland will also be lighter. Undoubtedly, it will also increase the agility and mobility of the Mokka X 2022.

2022 Opel Mokka X Interior

In addition to the exterior changes, the cabin of the next crosshair is also subject to some modifications. The much shorter wheelbase and longer chassis allow the Opel Mokka X 2022 to bring in more things than the Crossland X. There are 5 seating areas. Compared to its main competitors, the Nissan Qashqai or the Hyundai Tucson, it uses extra legroom for second-row passengers.

The multimedia system provides IntelliLink version 4.0. There, we discovered the dual-zone climate control system and the leather steering wheel. Speed ​​control is also available. Additionally, the Opel Mokka X 2022 uses mobility, but as an optional feature. For off-road adventures, the all-wheel drive package comes with Electronic Safety and Hill Start Assist.

2022 Opel Mokka X Diesel Engines

The non-US markets are not strict about exhaust and performance requirements. This is why diesel engines are more prominent outdoors in the United States and Canada. The Opel Mokka X 2022 will benefit from its lineup consisting of three different configurations. Most popular is the 1.6-liter ecoFlex engine. This powertrain will exploit 220 pounds of torque and 110 hp. The turbocharger adds 25 horsepower and 15 pounds to twisting force. Opel discontinued the 1.7 liter engine. Although there were rumors of his return, they are still found in the books.

Most Opel Mokka X 2022 configurations will start with front-wheel drive. The alternative is four-wheel drive. This smart system sends power to the front wheels. When needed, it turns on and AWD distributes 50/50 percent of the power to the front and rear axles. Available transmissions come in either five or six gears. The manual is only a 5-speed gearbox.

2022 Opel Mokka X Release Date And Price

The launch date of the new Opel Mokka X 2022 is not yet official. The company announced a redesign, but has not offered any watches. Well, the crossover is already on the streets and could be launched in the second half of the year. It will arrive alongside its closest siblings the Crossland X and Grandland X. In most of Europe, the Mokka X will be priced at € 21,000 for the base models.

2022 Opel Mokka X Manuale Prix 2018 1.6 Ultimate
2022 Opel Mokka X Manuale Prix 2018 1.6 Ultimate

2022 Opel Mokka X Update

After a redesign in 2017, the Mokka’s Crossover SUV becomes the Mokka X. This model is available worldwide, but with different names. The next Opel Mokka X 2020 will be the model for Europe. In the US, this is the Buick Encore, while in the UK, the Mokka X 2020 appears with the Vauxhall badge. The car gets another major redesign. This time, you will lead the next generation. Mokka launched in 2013 and has now undergone a facelift in 2016.

The new model is being tested. The first spy photos reveal a densely covered car, which means the exterior changes will be huge. It will be a slightly larger crossover. According to rumors, the company could make some updates under the hood. So the new Opel Mocha X 2020 will be ready for some off-road challenges. The hybrid model is also an option. However, we do not have evidence to support these guesses. Finally, the performance version might be the surprise of the season. But again, Opel will pay more attention to the standard offer.

Changes and redesign of the Mokka X 2020

The new Opel Mokka X 2020 is definitely undergoing a restyling. What we don’t know at this point is the exact name. The last time the car saw such changes, we saw a new name. Well, Mokka and Mokka X are pretty much the same. However, we can now hear rumors of a Mocha replacement. Opel announced this last year and the entire fleet will be under review. Well, as one of the pioneers of the sector, we doubt that the German automaker and the entire PSA Group would. Buyers will recognize the 2020 Opel Mokka X more easily from the new name.

A new generation – a new platform

Moreover, we were able to hear the official statement that the lighting badge vehicles will be installed on a new platform. This is the CMP structure, also known as EMP1. It will support all new compact and minor Opel cars. Few things are the highlights of this concept. First, there will be a lot of lightweight materials in the body of the 2020 Opel Mokka X. The benefits are: better handling and handling; Better fuel economy and better security. This architecture also allows engineers to use hybrid technology.

Also, the new platform for the 2020 Opel Mokka X will bring some major changes to this crossover and its brothers around the world. American buyers can also expect similar visual and cosmetic updates for their version. The more aggressive look and lower nose is what we see on spy photos. The transit appears to be shorter than before. But, the 2020 Mokka X can only cut a few inches. It’s still a small crossover, but it will create space for a larger stable mate.


Now we will talk about the equipment that we can find in the 2020 Opel Mokka X, and not about its brothers from the USA and the UK. The crossover is quite spacious compared to its competitors. There is room for five people inside. IntelliLink R4.0 is the infotainment system, and base model offers cruise control. Dual zone climate available and leather wraps around the steering wheel. Fog lights and DRLs are standard features. Higher trim levels provide mobility. Additionally, you’ll also find electronic stabilization and hill start software.

2020 Opel Mokka X engines

Once again, the 2020 Opel Mokka X will use different engines, depending on the market. The European version comes with a 1.4-liter, four-liter turbo petrol engine. Also, you will find a 1.6 liter diesel unit on offer for most of the markets. In addition, European citizens will be able to purchase the new 1.7-liter Mokka X. Finally, the smaller engine can also be turbocharged.

Once again, the 1.4-liter petrol isn’t the only gasoline option in the family. Various versions of the crossover SUV will also come with a displacement of 1.6 or 1.8 under the hood. The power output ranges from 115 to 150 hp. The intelligent all-wheel-drive (AWD) system will send power forward or to all wheels, depending on the situation. 100% power distribution to the front wheels or 50/50%. Both manual and automatic transmission are available to match the engines. Five or six gears are manual options, while the automatic transmission is a 6-speed box.

Mokka X 2020 release date

We look forward to hearing the official statement about the future of the 2020 Opel Mokka X. The main question is its name. The other is when will the 2020 Mokka X be available? The new generation is sure to bring a lot of changes and updates, so the new crossover will attract a lot of attention. Prototypes are already on the streets, so production will start very soon. More optimistic fans are hoping to see him in the coming months. We’d rather say late 2019 or early next year. The price again depends on the market. In most European countries, the new Mokka X will cost around 21,000 euros. Buick Encore starts at $ 25,000.

2022 Opel Mokka X Avis The Generation Ranking
2022 Opel Mokka X Avis The Generation Ranking

2022 Opel Mokka X News

Opel engineers are testing the next redesigned model after the brand was sold by General Motors to PSA Group in France in 2017. The model is the new Mokka, of which the current version (with the Mokka X badge) was sold in the US as above. -Jill Buick Encore. The Mokka is one of the most popular models in the small crossover SUV segment in Europe. It was introduced in 2012 and now Opel wants to replace it. The new model was confirmed to appear on the scene in early 2021.

Why rush to replace the current high selling pattern? In an earlier announcement of Opel’s take-back strategy, PSA Group said it plans to move the entire Opel car range to PSA Group platforms by 2024 at the latest. The rapid reorganization is due to the Opel sale agreement between General Motors and the PSA Group, which forbids Opel from selling vehicles based on GM platforms in the markets in which the GM brands operate. The PSA Group is also required to pay royalties to General Motors for the use of its platforms and engines.

The new Mokka platform is a CMP design from PSA Group (also known as EMP1) for compact and secondary cars. The platform, which includes electrical technology, made its debut in the DS 3 Crossback and can be used in the Alfa Romeo Tonale, after the PSA group and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles are now merged. The platform is also found in Opel’s latest Corsa subcompact. Judging from the spy photos and official previews, the new Mokka will feature a completely different design from its predecessor. It will likely emulate the design of Opel’s experimental GT X concept introduced in 2018 as a preview of Opel’s new design themes.

The battery’s electric powertrain is planned, but you can count on the range to also include an inline four-cylinder turbocharger in the petrol and diesel versions. At the moment, Opel is focused on the European market. It will slowly expand to other areas as it ditches its last cars from the GM era. Sadly, we won’t see him in the US anytime soon as the PSA Group has dedicated its Peugeot brand to the US. Happens before.