2021 Mitsubishi L200 2017 2007 1996 2006 2004 1994 2014
2021 Mitsubishi L200 2017 2007 1996 2006 2004 1994 2014

2021 Mitsubishi L200 Release Date Price And Design

2021 Mitsubishi L200 will face minor changes as the all-new model is about to be unveiled next season. Therefore, many buyers will skip this version and wait for the new model to appear. The truck is also known as Triton in its home country and in some other markets. Mitsubishi is a member of the Grand Alliance (with Nissan and Renault). Since the assembly is one of the leaders in electrification, do not be surprised if the L200 gets a hybrid transmission assembly.

So the unchanged 2021 Mitsubishi will bring pretty much the same width as before. Many options depend on the market, but some things are common to all traders. The diesel engine is definitely a favorite, and the L200 needs a more environmentally friendly power source. The hybrid could be based on an oil burner, or the company would deliver the system by building some gasoline units in its line.

2021 Mitsubishi L200 Specifications

Under the hood of Mitsubishi 2021 there is a 2.3 liter turbocharged engine if you are a citizen of some European country. The four-cylinder engine delivers 145 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque. The largest 2.4-liter diesel is available in Asia, with 180 hp and 320 lb. Both engines send power to 2WD, and 4WD is optional. Maximum towing capacity comes from a larger unit – 7,500 lbs. We can also mention gasoline displacement. However, it is less popular than any diesel model

2021 Mitsubishi L200 Hybrid drive

Rumors about the hybrid don’t come out of nowhere. Mitsubishi is already delivering the Outlander PHEV crossover. Its hybrid is one of the cleanest systems on the market. The success of the compact SUV will make the manufacturer think of other vehicles with such transmissions. The 2021 Mitsubishi L200 Hybrid is pretty impressive, but we won’t rule out the possibilities.

The Japanese automaker has multiple options. The ultimate goal is to appear in the US market. Previously, Mitsubishi Raider was produced in North America. To get to the main stage, many improvements are needed. Cleaner energy sources are key, and a hybrid engine is something Mitsubishi is keen to develop. On the other hand, L200 / Triton is very popular in Asia and Europe, so the truck manufacturer can offer a hybrid pickup truck based on diesel unit.

What’s next for Mitsubishi L200?

After Mitsubishi L200 2021, the manufacturer will add more changes and launch the new generation. The truck has a lot of competition and the new design will help it fight the Toyota Hilux and Ford Ranger. We look forward to seeing the new Navara next season as Nissan is the largest company in the alliance. Next, we’ll see the Triton update as well as Renault Alaskan. If the hybrid does not occur in the model for the next season, then the YM 2022 will definitely move in this way. Like the Outlander crossover, the truck has to have one of the cleanest systems on the market.

2021 Mitsubishi L200 Pickup Suvs Camioneta 90 Pantera 2019
2021 Mitsubishi L200 Pickup Suvs Camioneta 90 Pantera 2019

2021 Mitsubishi L200 Update

While there were rumors of the cutting-edge Triton Absolute model, which was later reported to be operating under the Tanami name, Owen Thompson, chief product strategy manager at Mitsubishi Australia, told CarsGuide that the brand was not taking the spectrum off the spectrum. Beats Triton completely, but it won’t happen soon. “We’re always looking for opportunities,” Thompson said. “It’s a very crowded space in this space right now; we also have to take into account our current model lifecycle.”

This comment seems to indicate that the all-new Triton is within our reach (we think it might be here by 2022 or 2023) and that Mitsubishi is ready to take the lead in developing the next generation of the double-cab pickup truck. To be presented in the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance. This means that the next Triton, Nissan Navara and Renault Alaska (if that happens) will be the same truck but with brand-specific variations.

As mentioned earlier, Mitsubishi plans to introduce a hybrid machine, and the brand’s Australian arm is keen to do so. As for whether there is a desire to be a high-end model at the top of the Triton lineup, Thompson indicated that the company should consider it a business case first and then figure out where it fits in the market. “We are always watching what the competitors are doing and trying to adjust our plans accordingly,” he said. “We cannot control what they do, but we can control what we do.”

2021 Mitsubishi L200 News

The current generation of this mid-size truck has been around for more than four years, and after the recent update, we expect it to continue for several more years. The recent update has brought a lot of new features, so we are sure that the 2020 Mitsubishi L200 will continue without major changes. It will continue to offer excellent off-road performance and excellent utility characteristics. After a recent facelift, she also looks very attractive, and she is definitely one of the sexiest models in her class. On the other hand, the interior design has remained largely unchanged from the initial launch. The same applies to the powertrain division, which is one of the most efficient in its class. The 2020 Mitsubishi L200 could offer a few color options and a couple of similar extras. Other than that, things should remain almost the same. So, don’t expect to see the 2020 Mitsubishi L200 sooner than usual.

2020 Mitsubishi L200 redesign

The Mitsubishi 2020 L200 will continue to represent the fifth generation of the popular Mitsubishi truck lineup, which has been in operation for more than four decades. The current generation was around 2015 and already had plastic surgery. However, the overall design remains largely the same, based on the same platform on which the Mitsubishi Pajero Sport is based. The two models are similar in many ways and share most of the mechanical parts. In terms of size, the L200 measures around 118 inches, while the overall length hovers around 205 inches. The height exceeded 70 inches. Like the current version and all previous editions, the 2020 Mitsubishi L200 will continue the familiar cabin designs offered, with a two-door or four-door design.

2020 Mitsubishi L200 Style

In terms of style, the facelift brought very big changes. Practically every piece of sheet metal is new. Of course, the focus was on the front end, as the new model arrived with a brand new face. There is a grill, headlights, bumpers and all other parts brand new. The overall approach is more straightforward and the new version closely follows the brand’s latest design language and looks quite similar to models like the Eclipse Cross and Pajero Sport. Also, the new version gets more power around the wheels with new fenders, while the rear end is accentuated with a new teardrop-shaped taillight design, etc. From the side, you can easily notice the new wheels. However, these changes were numerous, so we have no doubt that the 2020 Mitsubishi L200 will continue in the same way. The best we could get were new color options and similar types of updates.

2020 Mitsubishi L200 interior

While the exterior has suffered greatly, the interior has remained largely the same and we assume things will remain unchanged until a complete redesign. Therefore, the 2020 Mitsubishi L200 is about to continue with the same cabin design. The recent update didn’t bring many major changes. Some of the most well-known additions are rear ventilation and a whole host of new safety features. This truck now comes with Blind Spot Monitor, Automatic Emergency Braking with Pedestrian Detection, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, Low Speed ​​Mitigation Under acceleration, and many other advanced safety features and driver aids.

On the other hand, the overall cabin design remains the same. We haven’t seen any changes to the board and we also want in the next few years. The overall design is more practical than elegant, so you won’t see too many glossy details or too many soft-touch surfaces. A large touch interface is also available, and it is well integrated into the dashboard, so it doesn’t change the overall streamlined design approach.

2020 Mitsubishi L200 engines

When it comes to the powertrain, things are quite familiar with the 2020 Mitsubishi L200. This truck features a smaller diesel engine compared to most of its competitors. It’s a 2.4-liter turbodiesel unit, which is good for around 180 hp, which is a very typical amount of power for the class. However, its smaller displacement also means better efficiency. In practical terms, this means that the L200 has the highest mpg ratings in its class. In some markets you can also find an earlier generation 2.5-liter turbodiesel, capable of producing around 135 hp. Fortunately, there is also a thing for gasoline fans. There is a 2.4-liter family four-cylinder petrol unit, which produces about 150 hp. When it comes to transmission, in most cases, you can choose between manual and automatic transmission.

2020 Mitsubishi L200 release date and price

The Mitsubishi 2020 L200 will not feature many changes, so we look forward to your arrival at regular hours. In this case, that means the end of 2019. The price is highly market dependent. For example, European models come standard with a more expensive diesel engine, so the base price is around $ 30,000. In a part of the world where a gasoline engine is available, the starting price is lower.